A challenging but worthwhile read on U.S. church and how it changes

A Maryland-based catechist and writer reviews a book by a professor emeritus at Arizona State University and twice a Fulbright fellow, who begins "The Catholic Labyrinth" with these words, "The argument of this book is not that Catholicism changes ... the story concerns how the church changes and by how much, and the direction of the change as well."

BOOKS: ‘A Martyr’s Crown’: A wake up call to threats on religious liberty

Persecution of those who follow Christ is older than the Roman Catholic Church itself. History is replete with the great trials and tribulations of...

Team effort encourages newfound love for Rosary

One thing we can truly know about the Rosary is that nothing about it is arbitrary.

BOOKS: Chapels on campus seen from religious, architectural perspectives

Chapels at Princeton, Harvard, Yale and the University of Chicago are explored in Margaret M. Grubiak's "White Elephants on Campus," which provides readers with two history lessons. One is about religion's role on campuses of private, nondenominational U.S. universities; the other is about the architecture of these chapels.

BOOKS: Faith illumines thorny issues — Church’s social teaching explained

We might think it safe to say that the Church, like the world, is in disarray and is victim to the calamity of whim. A fellow English professor says so in his new book, “Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching.”

BOOKS: Arizona author pens latest in ‘Lily’ series about woman with Down syndrome

As the number of babies born with Down syndrome continues to plummet, local author Sherry Boas hopes people will ponder the unintended consequences.

Actress Mulgrew visits Iowa hometown, reflects on life during book tour

DUBUQUE, Iowa (CNS) -- Kate Mulgrew discovered she had a talent for performance early in life when she read a poem to her class...

Award-winning coffee table book introduces readers to Southwestern saint

Everybody seems to have their own favorite saint; whole professions and vocations have their patron saints, and even some countries have a patron saint that stands out in their history. In the Southwest, we have Junípero Serra, OFM, who founded a total of 10 missions from Baja California to San Francisco.

Re-published anthology highlights essentials of St. Newman’s theology

It’s October, All-Souls Day on the event horizon; and, it is the month that John Henry Newman is presented to the Church as a saint.

Pastor’s pages promote deeper understanding of Mass

Related YouTube videos, available at wau.org/faithseries, also help guide readers.