La Diócesis de Phoenix presenta el informe del Sínodo y evalúa los comentarios

“Los reportes de la consulta del sínodo revelan una urgente necesidad de evangelización en una época donde el espíritu del mundo y la cultura moderna aparentemente han ahogado la voz de Dios.”

Diocese of Phoenix submits Synod report, ponders feedback

“The synod consultation reports reveal a dire need for evangelization at a time when the spirit of the world and modern culture have seemingly drowned out the voice of God.”

Arizona bishops laud signing of state school choice bill

The Catholic bishops of Arizona issued a joint statement lauding the passage and signing of a bill intended to expand school choice throughout the state.

Families of the diocese made stronger during Bishop Olmsted’s tenure

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted’s two signature teachings on marriage and the family, “Into the Breach” and “Complete My Joy,” helped lay the foundation for Sean and Aryn Sylvester to strengthen their domestic Church when the world was put on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEWS BRIEF: Local synod report to be published July 18

After months of consultation with dozens of parishes and Catholic and non-Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Phoenix, the 2021-2023 Synod report compiled by Fr. John Nahrgang, Vicar for Evangelization and Education, has been completed.

NEWS BRIEF: Refuge Café makes way for affordable housing

Catholic Charities announced a new Acacia Heights II Affordable Housing Community at a special groundbreaking-blessing event on Thursday afternoon.

Together in mission: boldly grow engagement

Several years ago, I went with two colleagues, Lisa Wentz, director of appeals, and Linda Barkyoumb, director of engagement, to do an offsite retreat. We were looking to develop clarity of what Mission Advancement really meant. We came up with three principles:

The lasting legacy of Bishop Olmsted: Leadership in political, cultural and educational arenas lauded...

When Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted drives away from the Diocesan Pastoral Center after more than 18 years at the helm of the Phoenix Diocese, he’ll leave in his wake a panoply of achievements in the world of politics, education, and culture.

‘Remarkable’ saint reflects Diocese’s new Mission to Blacks, African Americans

The Diocese of Phoenix is taking a major step forward in its efforts to draw Black Catholics and African Americans to the faith with a mission that both welcomes new worshippers and engages inactive ones.

NEWS BRIEF: New mission for the pastoral care and evangelization of African Americans and...

Bishop Olmsted was pleased to announce the establishment of a new mission for the pastoral care and evangelization of African Americans and Black Catholics.