Ambria Hammel

Ambria Hammel, staff writer, began serving The Catholic Sun diocesan newspaper via writing and photography in 2006. For story ideas, email or call (602) 354-2134.

Students from more than 30 Catholic schools in three dioceses across Arizona converged in one spot for a statewide field trip. They filled the concrete circle at Wesley Bolin Plaza Feb. 3 for the annual Catholic Schools Week rally. Their physical presence and youthful energy represented more than 21,000 Catholic school students throughout the Grand Canyon state eager to affirm their role in a Catholic school and the need for a faithful community to support it.

Students require quite a few supplies before entering a learning environment. Fortunately, their toolbox — their mind — is within reach.

Three words sum up a decade of planning, fundraising and building at St. Francis Xavier Parish.: it is finished.

It’s never too early to begin marching for life or understanding that God is the only one who can give life and take it away.

Those who have taught, volunteered or served at a Catholic school will join current students, alumni and parents plus private supporters and those in the state legislature Jan. 31-Feb. 6 for an array of Catholic Schools Week celebrations.

Greek life on a college campus doesn’t have to conjure up negative images. It can instead be associated with brotherhood and sisterhood rooted in Catholicism.

Their school uniforms might be the same, but underneath is a person God gifted with a unique set of abilities and challenges to overcome.

Attendance at a ceremonial groundbreaking was proof positive Catholics outgrew their worship space. Nearly 400 showed up just outside the current church that only seats 300.

Five parishes throughout the Diocese of Phoenix’s metro area are hosting “Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy” Jan. 5-10.

As we approach the annual Gospel reading of the Holy Family's flight into Egypt, here's an uplifting look at some of today's refugees.


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