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When we visit a cemetery, there's often substantially more buried there who we don't know than who we do know. As Catholics, we respect the...

A mini vocation boom of sorts at St. Daniel Parish saw the Carmelite Missionary Sisters of the Child of Jesus convent welcome a novice, a formator and temporarily, a woman in the early stages of discernment.

Alas, the older generation can rightly claim that what they’re hearing is garbage. But they’ll have to distinguish between the physical instruments and the sound coming out of them.

One young man’s latest fete is both a nod to his past and a sign of an impactful future.

Rooted in prayer and community, André House’s anniversary weekend featured opening and closing Masses, community meals, individual honors and a forum discussion among guests and volunteers aimed at examining the ministry’s impact on both sides of the soup kitchen’s serving line.

The diocesan Red, White and Blue Mass Nov. 8 marked the Church’s signature effort to honor veterans and service personnel who bravely stepped up for war and peacetime duty.

A dozen or so priests and women religious silently kicked it off a bit early on St. Vincent de Paul's main campus.

Rilene Simpson spoke at length about a topic that’s often hushed in Catholic circles: exploring the gay identity. What’s more, some 120 priests, deacons, women religious and other lay parish leaders packed into a conference room at the Diocesan Pastoral Center Oct. 21 to hear it. Simpson was once in a long-term lesbian partnership as an atheist and has since converted to Catholicism and a life of celibacy. She intertwined her testimony with a series of headline stories pertaining to gender identity.

Charitably defending a stance on a hot-button issue is not always easy. That’s even more true when it comes to homosexuality. Some 120 Catholic priests, deacons, religious and lay leaders left a “Day of Understanding” seminar at the Diocesan Pastoral Center Oct. 21 with practical tips for sharing the truth about love, marriage and homosexuality.

All Saints Day in the Diocese of Phoenix this year will feature a coordinated effort helping English and Spanish-speaking Catholics of all ages embrace their call to holiness.


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