Ambria Hammel

Ambria Hammel, staff writer, began serving The Catholic Sun diocesan newspaper via writing and photography in 2006. For story ideas, email or call (602) 354-2134.

It wasn’t just the most important meal of the day to fortify the hours ahead. It provided a livelihood for 90 young scholars.

A nun walks into a bar... not to set up a joke's punchline, but with a sincere heart aimed at saving women and children victims of human trafficking and prostitution and welcome them into a true "Home of Love."

An array of negative emotions swirls behind the barbed wire, steel bars and cold concrete walls that surround jails and prisons across Arizona, but so does hope thanks to Catholic volunteers.

Infertility is often a quiet struggle, but one in which the Church reaches out in mercy to be a "very tender extension of Our Lord’s hands and heart."

The sandwich meal fortified the body and nourished the soul of hundreds of guests at André House while its brown lunch sack, lit up with crayon drawings and notes, connected them to a larger part of humanity.

Being young, Catholic and in the local work force can be challenging, but soon such individuals will have the opportunity to connect with peers facing similar struggles by joining the nation’s newest chapter of Young Catholic Professionals and the first one based out of the Arizona.

The idea of a Catholic high school to serve the West Valley finally has tangible signs of reality.


Find simple ideas of ways the Church — parishes, schools, affiliated ministries — can be more inclusive of those with physical/mental limitations.

The tournament provides a platform for top nationally ranked high school basketball teams to play one another.

Music education remains a budgeted item at local Catholic schools thanks to a longstanding donor who believes in its power and to administrators who feel the same way.


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