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Despite what my Dad told me this morning, the month of May is over. Sometimes, time just passes by before you know it. See what you think of these headlines from our 1987 archives (specifically, our May issues). Did 25 years fly by for you?

From our May 14, 1987 issue:

  • Most tickets for ASU papal Mass to be distributed to parishioners
    Parishes would get tickets that equaled roughly 30 percent of its Sunday Mass attendance. Other tickets went to neighboring dioceses and media. Handicapped, youth, priests, deacons and religious had own seating arrangements at Sun Devil Stadium for the September 1987 liturgy.
  • Cardinal stresses church teachings in family planning
    From National Catholic News Service
  • Bishops arrested at nuclear protest
    Arrests included an auxiliary bishop in Detroit and retired bishop in Colorado. They led 98 demonstrators across the police line during a protest in Nevada. A Benedictine Sister in charge of Pax Christi USA was also arrested.
    From National Catholic News Service. Read more on Pax Christi’s latest initiative for nuclear disarmament.
  • Flagstaff parish wins city historical award
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Flagstaff (now a chapel) won the city’s first historic preservation award. The then 61-yr-old building had recently underwent $71,000 worth of renovations for which Guadalupanas spearheaded raising $49,000.
    The Gothic-style chapel was built in 1926 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Sacred Heart Parish’s church and rectory in Prescott was added for its late Gothic revival architecture in 1978.
  • Coming Marian year is relevant for our time
    The Marian Year began with Pentecost that year and lasted 14 months through the following Feast of the Assumption.

From our May 28, 1987 issue:

  • Parish computers become wave of the future
    “people who work w/diocesan computer systems fathered for the first time in Phoenix recently to discuss the role of the computer in the Church.” Meeting brought 45 pppl from 25 dioceses for two-day conference. A few pages later, a related brief “Parish IBM/PC program offered free by designer” to help lay minister and altar server schedules
  • Local groups join global rosary
    It was to be led by Pope John Paul II and broadcast via 18 satellites. Four local Marian groups were set to gather at Mount Claret for the occasion and include a large-screen TV feed. A 1.5 billion viewing audience was expected.
  • St. John unveils renovation
    The Laveen church was closed for year because it was unsafe (bad wiring and crumbling adobe) Some $75,000 in improvements included paint, new doors and windows, carpet and mosaic-like artwork done by a parishioner for the Stations of the Cross.