This week, Phoenix-area Catholics will be able to hear something that two local Catholics have toured the country sharing for 105 days.

Julie Carrick

Kurt and Julie Carrick will present their newest musical and testimony venture, “Living Our Catholic Creed,” Oct. 22 at St. Bernadette Parish in Scottsdale. Julie wrote it in response to today’s culture and its attacks on marriage and human life. She said both are part of a broader problem: Catholics are not living the faith as boldly as they could.

“It’s a matter of taking the creed and looking at how God is revealed as Creator and Savior,” Julie Carrick said. “If we are to live our creed, then we have to know Him, love Him and serve Him with our lives.”

Knowing the Lord can increase greatly through eucharistic adoration, Carrick said. She devoted one of three new songs on the catechetical concert DVD/CD to the topic. Carrick didn’t think her desire for eucharistic adoration could get any stronger, but it did. She said it helps her to become a stronger wife, mother and artist.

Both Kurt and Julie Carrick notice when a morning slips by without prayer.

“It feels like somebody has turned up the heat,” Julie said of living a life committed to the Creed.

And that’s what she’s trying to facilitate for those they encounter on tour. Their travels took them to Roswell, NM, Texas, Louisiana, Nashville, the Midwest, Michigan and more.

“I’m trying to pull people out of the gray. The gray is so comfortable,” Julie said. “We have to start seeing what is black and white.”

Julie weaves her music, personal witness and the wisdom of St. Theresa of Avila to challenge and convert hearts, particularly on the issues of marriage, life and religious liberty. She said it’s “that emotional tool” of the Holy Spirit that opens and softens the heart.

“We all know these truths. We all know these teachings, but to get it from our head to our heart, music has a powerful way of making that connection,” Julie said.

She has seen people enter the church, hotel or retreat center with crossed arms that physically open up long before the end. Julie has seen grown men cry in response to the personal catechesis and had people tell her they need to register to vote or get involved with adult formation so they can learn more Church teaching.

“There’s basically an accountability that everyone needs to take a look at, beginning with the person in the mirror,” Julie said.

If people were truly standing for marriage, the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high, she said. If people truly stood for life, then abortionists wouldn’t have customers even if it were still legal. If Catholics voted with a well-formed conscience, then people in some elected offices would change.

“I have seen a grace surrounding our priests. It’s almost like they need someone to come in and affirm what they’ve been doing,” Julie said, referring to their talks on religious liberty.

The Carricks remind crowds that threats to religious liberty are not new. Kurt’s grandfather was killed in a concentration camp because he was Czechoslovakian and married a German. Kurt’s mother lived through a death march.

Their daughter, Edel, joined them for parts of the tour. She shares a powerful, personal testimony regarding the sanctity of all human life.

Some of the catechesis is a wake up call to those in the seats, Julie said. For others, it’s a reminder to hold family members and others in their inner circle accountable.

Carricks Creed concert

“Living Our Catholic Creed” catechetical concert 7 p.m. Oct. 22 at St. Bernadette Parish, 16245 North 60th St in Scottsdale. Also 7 p.m. Nov. 14 at St. Joseph Parish in Williams.

A DVD/CD combo of the catechetical concert should be available by mid-November. Info: www.carrick or (602) 787-1397.