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Article: Different nations, but one faith unites Panama’s World Youth Day pilgrims

  • It includes this quote: “Their joy made seminarian Hien Vu, 30, of Xuan Loc, Vietnam, smile.”
  • As well as this one: “Even those who weren’t Catholic, such as Jose Gonzalez, a Protestant who was visiting the canal with his Catholic wife, Silvia Lopez, from Huehuetango, Guatemala, were enjoying the moment.” It was the husband’s idea to visit the canal when the large group of pilgrims arrived.

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Some 150,000 young people had registered for World youth Day as of Jan. 18, but more were expected in the final days.

A Tweet from the same account revealed that “There are 258 confessionals and 196 in the Parke Megamalal.” Roughly 30 inmates made them.