This 18th-century ceiling fresco from Elchingen Abbey depicts the final meeting between St. Scholastica and her brother, St. Benedict of Nursia, before her death. (Public Domain/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

Feb. 10

This image of St. Scholastica is found at St. Scholastica’s College in Duluth, Minnesota. (CNS)

Scholastica and her brother, St. Benedict, were born to a wealthy Christian family in Nursia, Italy. Details of their lives come from the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great.

After Benedict established his monastery at Monte Cassino, she founded a convent at Plombariola, and was its abbess for many years. The siblings met once a year outside Monte Cassino.

At their final meeting, Scholastica begged Benedict to stay the night and, when he wouldn’t, she asked God for help. A violent storm ensued and Benedict had to stay. They spent the night discussing the joys of heaven, and she died three days later.

Scholastica is the patron saint of convulsive children and Benedictine nuns, including the sisters who reside at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in Phoenix.