A nun reacts during a vigil outside the Sisters of the Rosary Hospital in Beirut Aug. 11, 2020. The vigil was for victims of the massive explosions at the Beirut port seven days earlier. (CNS photo/Hannah McKay, Reuters)

The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, is urging Catholics to unite their prayers to those suffering in Lebanon, sharing the following:

As you may know, life is never easy in Lebanon, and now, in addition to COVID-19, the city of Beirut has suffered an explosion that has changed the lives of thousands.

The Catholics in Lebanon, who serve the suffering throughout the country, are asking for our help. Supporting these suffering people makes all of us richer in our prayerful solidarity with the universal Church, and, as my friend Bishop Gregory Mansour says, “Lebanon deserves love.”

Following are links to short interviews with Bishop Mansour, in which he explains the history and meaning of Lebanon as a home for many religions:



I hope that the faithful in our Diocese who can help through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, will experience their union with the generous people and volunteers in Lebanon, and through them, the closeness of our Lord Jesus.

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