October 4, 2022


STOP for Arizona Education Awards totalling $2 million given to six outstanding Arizona education providers today! 

Governor Doug Ducey joined Janine Yass, founder of The Yass Prize, to unveil the winners of the STOP for Arizona Education Awards, which rewards six Arizona education providers who best articulated how they would scale to meet the demands of a growing number of parents wishing to utilize the state’s pioneering Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. The STOP Awards are an initiative of the Yass Prize for Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless education (STOP), dedicated to supporting those who outperform for underserved students no matter what the challenges.

Yass created this award to honor all of Arizona’s efforts to expand access to exceptional education opportunities for students. While they initially pledged $500,000 for the Ducey Prize and $100,000 for each of the five other STOP for Arizona Awards, the committee was so excited by the plans we read that we decided to double it, to accelerate the work of these stellar educators and innovators,” said Janine Yass, the Prize’s visionary. 

St. Mary-Basha Catholic School was one of the six recipients of the STOP for Arizona Education Awards. This award was created in addition to the ten million dollars STOP Awards and National Yass Prize. The national and Arizona awards had more than 2,700 applications received, spanning 48 states and ranging from public to private schools, ed tech companies to nonprofit organizations, microschools, and more.  

We are humbled by this award and look forward to utilizing these funds to enhance our school and increase enrollment.  A Catholic education at St. Mary-Basha is now a reality for all families that may not have otherwise been able to afford tuition by utilizing ESA funding and our STO partnerships. We share this award and honor with every student, teacher, staff member, parent, donor and supporter of St. Mary-Basha.

Kathleen Lyon, Principal of St. Mary-Basha Catholic School, “This is a wonderful recognition of the achievements of our school. This award will allow us an opportunity to continue to advance the mission of St. Mary-Basha Catholic School.”