Nearly 70 adults of various ages and stages of life dove head first into St. John Paul II’s “Masterwork” by exploring the burning questions inscribed on the human heart (and body) as Igniting Hearts Theology of the Body deep dive began. The first session explored the seismic shift that took place towards the middle of the second millennium in the way our culture understands the world and affects how people live.

On the 36th anniversary of John Paul II’s visit to Phoenix, in session two, participants examined what it truly means and looks like to be created as men or as women by a God who is Love.

“Please keep us in your prayers or, even better, join us in the Prayer of Abandonment by St. Charles de Foucauld, which we pray at the end of every session,”  said Michael Villanueva, session presenter and coordinator of JPII Center for Theology of the Body and Culture.