Four Catholic Tax Credit Organizations are continuing their visits to parishes across the Diocese of Phoenix in October to raise awareness and educate taxpayers on their ability to redirect their taxes to the charitable causes of their choice. Catholic Charities Community Services, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, FSL (Foundation for Senior Living), and Catholic Education Arizona are sharing how their organizations change lives using Arizona Tax Credits.

“When you make a tax credit contribution, you are supporting crucial services that uplift the lives of countless individuals and families,” said Bishop John Dolan. “Your gifts provide food, shelter, education, and care – all rooted in the values of compassion, empathy, and unity that define our faith.”

“The Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit is a wonderful way for taxpayers to direct their tax dollars to help the most vulnerable members of our community,” said Shannon Clancy, St. Vincent de Paul’s Rob and Melani Walton Endowed CEO. “Every dollar donated will go a long way to help us feed, clothe, house and heal those in need.” To learn more visit:

“We know 87-percent of seniors want to age in place, and tax credit gifts fund vital services to help make that a possibility,” said Tami Bohannon, CEO of FSL (Foundation for Senior Living). “Plus, a tax credit is better than a deduction because you can get every dollar of it back on your state tax bill. And you get to decide where your tax money goes. It’s a win-win.” To learn more visit

“The Arizona Foster Care Charitable Tax Credit allows Catholic Charities Community Services to recruit, train and license families so we can place and adopt more children of all ages,” said Paul Mulligan, President & CEO of Catholic Charities Community Services. “The tax credit provides a no-cost opportunity for Arizona taxpayers to show compassion toward these kids and families, and truly change lives.” To learn more visit:

Nancy Padberg, MBA, President & CEO Catholic Education Arizona shared, “We are celebrating 25 years, have raised $338 million and awarded 153,000 scholarships for underserved children – all with Arizona Individual and Corporate Tax Credits! With a graduation rate of 99.8-percent and 96-percent of graduates matriculate to higher education, military service, or trade school – it’s an investment that empowers children, supports families, and makes an impact for generations.” To learn more visit:

The Tax Credit Month will also bring awareness for the other nine Catholic tax credit organizations such as Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center, Aid to Women Center, Andre House, First Way Pregnancy Center, Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center, Life Choices Women’s Clinics, Maggie’s Place, Paz De Cristo Community Center, and St. Joseph the Worker.

The Diocese of Phoenix Tax Credit Month is aimed at promoting tax credit contributions for improving the lives of those in need across Arizona. Join us in making a difference by redirecting your 2023 Arizona tax liability by April 15, 2024. To learn more, visit