Each year Arizona Interfaith Movement honors individuals, businesses, organizations, and youth who exemplify the Golden Rule – treating others as you would like to be treated – in their lives and in our community. Catholic Charities President and CEO, Paul Mulligan, accepted the Darl Andersen Honoree award at the November 9th Golden Rule Banquet award ceremony held at the Mesa Convention Center.

Catholic Charities was honored with the award for “Being guided by the Golden Rule for many years in providing life-changing services to Arizonans that protect and nurture children, help strengthen families, and assist individuals in a variety of services through early education and youth leadership programs. Catholic Charities works with its affiliate, Housing for Hope to provide affordable housing. They also serve veterans and their families, sex-trafficked survivors, victims of domestic abuse, and given much needed assistance to refugees.”

Jay Andersen, Darl Andersen’s son, presented Mulligan with the award on behalf of the Andersen family as a video played in the background, which featured the work of Catholic Charities and its services that support the community’s most vulnerable neighbors.

During his acceptance speech Mulligan stated, “You don’t have to be Catholic to serve here, and you don’t have to be Catholic to be served here. Catholic comes from the Greek word, Katholikos, meaning universal; Catholic Charities brings people of diverse faiths together under the same banner to serve our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors.”

The Arizona Interfaith Movement’s mission is to build bridges of understanding, respect, and support among diverse people of faith through education, dialogue, service, and the implementation of the Golden Rule.

Founded in 1933, Catholic Charities provides care for the vulnerable of all faiths in central and northern Arizona through programs in foster care, early education, veteran services, refugee resettlement, and homeless outreach. Housing for Hope, a separate 501c3, is an affiliate of Catholic Charities and provides affordable housing.