Children’s reading: books to pray, learn with all summer long

A mother of two reviews an array of morally suitable books for children ages 3-14 that might keep them busy for a few minutes this summer.

BOOKS: ‘Forming Intentional Disciples’: Deep personal encounter with Christ essential to building up Church

If we’ve been paying attention as Catholics, we’ve heard or read the figures: Catholicism is bleeding like a ripe tomato in a meat grinder;...

Novel retells martyrdom of St. Lawrence

As a book critic, novelist, and a professor of English and Creative Writing, I am always looking for Catholic novels to read and review. Richard Novak’s new novel, The Platonia Chamber fits that bill; not only that, but the subject of the novel is of great personal delight — St. Laurentius or St. Lawrence, deacon to the 24th Bishop of Rome, Sixtus II.

BOOKS: New book republishes old classics with Christian themes

Despite being a person of faith, deeply involved in Church life and a sinner ever seeking God’s mercy, I was raised in a scientific-thinking household. My father was a research biologist and this kind of thinking pervaded our lives, but never at the expense of faith.

Anthology on mercy reflects on jubilee year

The book categorizes mercy in every form: hopeful mercy, personal mercy, tireless mercy, enduring mercy, empathetic mercy, triumphant mercy, and many more, so that we can see that the truth of mercy is meant to envelop our lives completely and become a part of who we are as Christians.