New documentary looks at immigrants’ integration into U.S. heartland

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Filmmakers Michael McGlinn and John Altman set out to, in McGlinn’s words, “elevate the conversation” about immigration with their new documentary, “Immigrants in the Heartland: Who Are We Following?”

‘Basketball or Nothing,’ streaming, Netflix

The docuseries focuses on a high school team in the heart of the Navajo nation.

FILMS: The Angry Birds Movie 2

NEW YORK (CNS) — Much feathery fun is packed into “The Angry Birds Movie 2” (Sony), the latest animated installment in the franchise based on the addictive phone app. In fact, in every respect, it’s far superior to and more intelligent than the 2016 original.

MOVIES: Dora and the Lost City of Gold

NEW YORK (CNS) — Teenage and grown viewers will find much to cheer about in “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” (Paramount).

‘Chasing the Moon,’ July 8 on PBS

1969 was a key year for NASA with the moon landing. For some perspective, that same year also saw the following emerge: "Sesame Street," PBS, ATMs and the Diocese of Phoenix.

‘Divine Plan’ viewing marks anniversary of pope’s 1979 Poland trip

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Senior White House officials gathered June 21 with leaders of various faith groups and nonprofit organizations as well as community leaders to commemorate the 40th anniversary of St. John Paul II’s first pilgrimage to Poland with a screening of “The Divine Plan,” a documentary to be released worldwide Nov. 9.

MOVIES: ‘Yesterday’ best for grown viewers

NEW YORK (CNS) — Fans of the lads from Liverpool will rejoice over the mostly amiable Beatles-themed comedy “Yesterday” (Universal).

MOVIES: Toy Story 4

NEW YORK (CNS) — Just how good are the hotshots behind “Toy Story 4” (Disney)?

Knights of Columbus debut ‘Everyday Heroes,’ six-part documentary on ABC

Those profiled fall into three broad categories: athletes; active-duty military personnel and veterans; and Knights. All of them help people contending with humanitarian crises.

Planning to see ‘Unplanned’ [VIDEO]

You have options in the Diocese of Phoenix, including several sneak peeks the night before its March 29 nationwide release.