Gauchos and God: Pope draws life lessons from Argentine cowboy culture

Dressed in a woolen poncho, leather boots and silver spurs, the traditional gaucho was the cowboy of Argentina's immense plains, herding cattle and living a simple, hard life far from family and close to nature.

Girls’ interest, success in STEAM heats up

With a six-time school champ in an Aerospace Challenge and the 10th annual Girls Have IT Day today, Catholic schools do their part to promote STEAM, especially to girls.

Bishops: To respond to pope’s call for mission, parishes need new model

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, Ontario, recalled once having a parish that needed a new furnace and was considering hiring a youth pastor. The parishioners raised $90,000 in three weeks for the furnace, but failed to find funds for the youth pastor, figuring there were few young people to serve.

‘Sun’ columnist to publish novel inspired by her work with Chaldean Catholics

“A Martyr’s Crown” is the fruit of two years worth of interviews and work among the Chaldean Catholic immigrant community in Phoenix by Joyce Coronel, longtime columnist and correspondent with The Catholic Sun.

Parents prep students for legislative visit

Two parents were happy to help students with a last-minute cram session last week. Maggie Gillespie and Tim Burns, members of the Catholic Parents Advocacy Network, hosted a whirlwind meeting for 60 student council members from five area Catholic high schools Jan. 30. They filled a room at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral on National Appreciation Day for Catholic Schools to prepare students for a visit with local legislators later that day.

Texas responds to blast that casts wide destruction in small town

Emergency personnel were carefully combing through blocks of wreckage in this town of 2,900 a day after a chemical fertilizer factory caught fire and exploded with the force of a small earthquake April 17, injuring perhaps hundreds and killing others.

Being elected pope doesn’t wash away one’s sins, pope says

ROME (CNS) — While his responsibilities are greater and his prayer list longer, Pope Francis said he’s basically the same person he was before he was elected in 2013, so he still goes to Confession every two weeks.

U.S. bishops honor director of Black Catholic Ministry

Long before making Arizona his permanent residence in 2000, Isaiah “Kit” Marshall grew up reading the adventures of Kit Carson as a young boy in Cleveland, Ohio.

During pandemic, priests work to bridge distance between deceased, family

The ministers are also offering blessings and a dignified temporary place of rest before the departed's ultimate burial.

Pope: Lent is a time to reflect on God’s love, not ‘useless sermons’

ROME (CNS) — Ashes not only symbolize humanity’s frail mortality but are also a reminder of God’s infinite love of people, whom He created from dust, Pope Francis said.