Meet Fr. John Nahrgang: Catholic convert credits Mary for vocation

For Fr. John Nahrgang, the call to the priesthood came not from a Catholic upbringing, but from the consistent whisper of Mary to his heart.

Former doctor transitions from healing bodies to healing souls as Crosier priest

For the Crosiers’ newest priest, Fr. Alex Juguilon, OSC, holy orders wasn’t on his radar. The 48-year-old former doctor hadn’t even been to a church in three years when he first felt a tugging on his heart.

Catholic poet shares faith in verse, ponders spiritual battle

His poems are neatly organized into six categories on his website running from the luminous to the dark to the mystical, but all subtly or directly pointing back to God.

Steve and Linda Voita: Evangelizing through art

Linda Voita remembers the day a couple walked into the Voita Gallery in Scottsdale and admired a $5,000 painting her husband created depicting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New superintendent’s transcript shows long-time passion for Catholic education

There haven’t been many years of Harry A. Plummer’s adult life that didn’t circle around a Catholic school. None of it has been outside the Church.

Local Catholic tapped to become CEO of United Cerebral Palsy National

Growing up in East Los Angeles, Armando Contreras never dreamed he’d one day stand at the helm of a national non-profit serving those with disabilities.

Scottsdale couple receive Church’s highest honor for laity

SCOTTSDALE — Friends, family and dignitaries from around the diocese packed into St. Bernadette Church June 29 to witness Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted bestow the universal Church’s highest honor for the laity on one of the parish’s founding couples.

Meet Fr. Athanasius Fornwalt, FHS: First to be ordained for religious community

With his ordination to the priesthood June 3, Fr. Athanasius Fornwalt, FHS, marked a major milestone for himself and his community: he was the first of the Franciscan Friars of the Holy Spirit to be ordained a priest.

Meet Fr. Daniel Cruz: Path to priesthood takes root during family illness

The setting for the launch of Fr. Daniel Cruz’s public ministry was providentially the same as that of Jesus himself: a wedding.

Young adult missionary devotes summer to running parish-based camps

“At first I didn’t know why God was calling me to quit soccer,” Morano said.