Judgment, the final encounter with truth and love

A favorite Biblical image used by the Church Fathers to describe the fragility and complexity of human life is that of a potter working with clay.

Juicio, el Encuentro Final con la Verdad y el Amor

Una imagen bíblica favorita utilizada por los Padres de la Iglesia para describir la fragilidad y complejidad de la vida humana es la de una arcilla de alfarero trabajando.

Death with Christ: Path to Eternal Life

According to a Greek legend, Damocles, from the court of the tyrant ruler of Syracuse, voiced his desire to have the riches and pleasures of the king just for one day. And so, the next day, Damocles was led into the palace, and all the servants were bidden to treat him as their master.

La Muerte con Cristo: Camino a la Vida Eterna

Según una leyenda griega, Damocles, de la corte de la regla del tirano de Siracusa, expresó su deseo de las riquezas y los placeres del rey sólo por un día.

State of the Campaign for June 2018

Since being installed as Bishop in 2003, I have been blessed to watch the Diocese of Phoenix grow. We have 117 parishes and missions which serve over 1.1 million Catholics.

‘The Gates of hell are locked on the inside,’ Section Two

Last month, we began to consider one of the Christian doctrines that many find deeply troubling, namely hell.

Las puertas del infierno están cerradas por dentro, Segunda Sección

El mes pasado, comencemos a considerar una de las doctrinas cristianas que muchos encuentran profundamente preocupante, a saber, el infierno.

‘The Gates of hell are locked on the inside,’ Section One

Hell is one of the least popular of all Christian doctrines. Many people have trouble reconciling the existence of hell with the truth that God is all good and all loving.

‘Las puertas del infierno están cerradas por dentro’, Primera sección

El infierno es uno de los menos populares de todas las doctrinas Cristianas. Muchas personas tienen problemas para reconciliar la existencia del infierno con la verdad que Dios es todo amor y todo bien.

Desiring Heaven is an acquired taste

In Rome, amid the district of four-star hotels, expensive restaurants and luxurious residences on Via Veneto, there resides a strange church belonging to the Capuchin Friars called Santa Maria della Concezione, popularly known as the “Bone Church.”