Questions about the Priesthood

In my previous articles, I began to look at the current crisis in the Church resulting from the sins of priests and bishops.

What went wrong in priestly formation?

For centuries, the Church has been referred to as the “Barque of St. Peter” passing over the waters toward her heavenly destiny. It was in Peter’s boat that Jesus sat as He taught the crowds (Cf. Lk 5).

Holy, Yet Needing Purification

This month, I begin a new series that addresses the scandals of the Church that came to light across our nation this past summer.

Holiness is for everyone

In the earliest centuries of the Christian faith, the rite of Baptism with its powerful gestures, words and symbolism had a strong emphasis on conversion, a radical reorientation of one’s whole life away from sin and toward God.

La santidad es para todos

En los primeros siglos de la fe cristiana, el rito del Bautismo con sus gestos, palabras y simbolismo potentes, tenía un fuerte énfasis en la conversión, una reorientación radical de la vida del pecado y hacia Dios.

La fe proclamada y vivida

Cualquier peregrino que llegue ante de la Basílica de San Pedro en Roma inmediatamente siente una sensación de alegría y majestad, ante las inmensas proporciones y calidad excepcional del arte y la arquitectura.

Faith proclaimed and lived

Any pilgrim arriving before St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome immediately feels a sense of joy and majesty, before the immense proportions and exceptional quality of the art and architecture.

Judgment, the final encounter with truth and love

A favorite Biblical image used by the Church Fathers to describe the fragility and complexity of human life is that of a potter working with clay.

Juicio, el Encuentro Final con la Verdad y el Amor

Una imagen bíblica favorita utilizada por los Padres de la Iglesia para describir la fragilidad y complejidad de la vida humana es la de una arcilla de alfarero trabajando.

Death with Christ: Path to Eternal Life

According to a Greek legend, Damocles, from the court of the tyrant ruler of Syracuse, voiced his desire to have the riches and pleasures of the king just for one day. And so, the next day, Damocles was led into the palace, and all the servants were bidden to treat him as their master.