40 Days for Life homilist: ‘Twisted’ view of abortion’s roots in the Fall of...

PHOENIX – Fifteen months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled abortion is not a federally guaranteed right, advocates for protecting life at conception “still have a lot of work to do.” But God’s law remains on their side, those advocates were told this week. “We pray for the day when we don’t have to be here,” Fr. Kilian McCaffrey told nearly 100 worshippers at St. Mary’s Basilica during a Mass to open 40 Days for Life’s annual fall campaign in the Diocese of Phoenix Wednesday.

[VIDEO] Make Sunday feel like Sunday again

Bishop Olmsted reflects on how Sunday has become just another day among others. He provides tips on how to restore the Lord's Day.

VIDEO: St. Joseph: Model husband and father

https://youtu.be/j0wii9ZW75o St. Joseph: Model husband and father On March 19 we celebrate the first of two feast days in the Church’s calendar that honor St. Joseph,...

VIDEO: Merry Christmas from Bishop Olmsted and the Diocese of Phoenix

On behalf of Bishop Nevares and all the clergy and religious of the Diocese of Phoenix, Bishop Olmsted is praying that you and your loved ones have a merry Christmas.

VIDEO: Preparing for the Lord while navigating a weary world – A new message...

The days leading up to Christmas are a great time to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually to celebrate the coming of our Lord. However, for many of us this time can be difficult when our world seems almost unrecognizable from just a year ago. We may be anxious, lonely, distressed or discouraged. How do we deal with these feelings, during a time when the Lord is inviting us to joyous anticipation of Christmas?

VIDEO: Giving thanks and praying for all of you — A new message from...

Bishop Olmsted urges us to keep our loved ones close to our heart this Thanksgiving, and offers up some practical tips to help prepare our hearts and minds to welcome the Lord as we enter into the Season of Advent.

VIDEO: Bishop Olmsted reflects on the value of a Catholic education

Catholic schools are a great gift for our young people and their parents. Growing up, Bishop Olmsted went to a small country school with just a few students — and he and his family were the only Catholics! It was a good community and he has wonderful memories, but when he experienced Catholic education, upon entering the seminary, he was amazed at the richness of the Catholic intellectual heritage began to realize how much he had missed.

VIDEO: The Rosary, weapon for peace

In this new message, Bishop Olmsted tells us that when we pray the Rosary and spend time in the presence of Jesus and Mary, we grow in freedom from selfishness and become freer for the worship of God and love of our neighbor. While struggling against constant attacks by the Evil One, we look with hope to the Redemptive suffering and death of Jesus, and find ready assistance in the intercession of His Beloved Mother.

VIDEO: Being Healthy, Smart and Holy in the New School Year – A Message...

Watch and Like this message from Bishop Olmsted as we prepare to resume in-classroom learning, and be sure to Share it with your family and friends!

Bishop Olmsted Appeals on Behalf of the Suffering People of Lebanon

Life is never easy in Lebanon. In addition to COVID-19, the city of Beirut has suffered an explosion that has changed the lives of thousands.