Libertad con la ayuda de oración: Devoción del Primer Sábado

¿Se puede cambiar la dirección de la historia por medio de la oración? ¿Se puede prevenir la aniquilación nuclear por medio de la oración y los actos de penitencia? ¿Puede aumentar nuestra libertad por medio de la oración y penitencia? “Sí, sí y sí”.

Rodeados por Ángeles, incluyendo los caídos

Caminamos rodeados de ángeles. No estamos solos, mientras transitamos por la vida; estos espíritus, creados por Dios, nos rodean en todo momento, aunque no podemos verlos porque son espíritus puros sin cuerpo.

Liturgical Music as participation in Christ

St. Augustine recounts in his autobiography “Confessions” an experience he had during the singing of the Mass.

New Evangelization in the Americas – Text of Talk Given by Bishop Olmsted

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” These words of Charles Dickens could easily be applied to the present situation that the Church faces in the American continent when she proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ about marriage, family and the culture of life.

Welcoming the Stranger

Our state is also beautiful because of the rich cultural diversity of the people who live here, a diversity that has continued to grow over the years, and is seen in the fact that, in our diocese alone, Mass is celebrated in twelve languages each Sunday!

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part four: Dealing with infertility

The 25th of this month of July will mark the 44th anniversary of one of the most prophetic documents in the history of the...

Celebrating God’s Gift of Love and Life

A wedding banquet was not when we might have expected Jesus' first miracle. Usually, His miracles cured the sick, healed the leper, fed a hungry crowd of thousands, gave sight to the blind. So why did He work His first miracle at a wedding banquet?

God’s Happiest Saint: St. Philip Neri

Five hundred years ago, in AD 1515, a man was born whom the world would come to know as the Apostle of Rome and one of the Church’s funniest saints.

El discipulado: Un viaje, no un destino

Marcos el evangelista relata una historia acerca de un hombre ciego llamado Bartimeo curado por Jesús a causa de su fe profesada.

Human Freedom; Final part of four: Maturity in charity

In this fourth part of our series, we shall now consider the third stage of education for freedom, which is known as maturity in charity.