The Rosary — Mary’s Weapon for Peace

God sent the Blessed Virgin Mary to little children in central Portugal with a plan that could convert hearts and thereby stop the bloodshed.

El discipulado: Conversión constante en nuestro camino de fe

Amistad con Jesús no comienza con la iniciativa humana. Comienza con Él. “Antes de formarte en el vientre materno, yo te conocía”, nos dice (Jeremías 1:5), “antes de que salieras del seno, yo te había consagrado”.

Patience for freedom — The witness of St. Anselm

Anselm was chosen to lead the Church in England, at a time when King William Rufus wanted a weak archbishop in Canterbury, a man he could control and use for his own gain. Anselm, for his part, did not want to be a bishop; he begged not to be chosen, desiring to remain in his monastery in Bec, France where he was happily serving as abbot. But once chosen, Anselm threw himself mightily into the task and fought resolutely for religious freedom. He did this without failing to love the king but with love of God first: setting an example that would be imitated and carried forward by other English saints such as the martyrs Thomas Becket (a later successor in Canterbury), John Fisher and Thomas More.

Spiritual Warfare: The Armor of the Sacraments

Throughout the course of human history, wars have been waged and their outcomes have shaped the identity of many nations. But, there is another war, although generally unseen by human eyes, that “is not with flesh and blood but with the principalities, with the powers, with the world rulers of this present darkness, with the evil spirits in the heavens” (Eph 6:12).

What is Scandal? Part One: The Mystery of the Cross

Scandal is not a happy topic. It is fodder for gossip and fuel for rumors. It is a favorite of modern media and a weapon in decadent politics. But scandal, even if enticing to the curious mind, cannot make the heart sing. It weighs down the human spirit. It leads a person towards hell.

Father, Doctor and Child: St. Anthony of Padua

He was happy to serve in relative obscurity since it left him time most days for private prayer and study, time to deepen his knowledge and love of Christ; but God had very different plans in mind.

Pope Francis’ Game Plan; Part Five: Who Do You Say I Am?

It should come as no surprise that Pope Francis has much to say about Jesus, since Peter and all his successors have been called by God to make Christ known and loved.

Scholastica: Model of Monastic Life

Twins Scholastica and Benedict, each in their own way and yet also together, have made such a great impact on consecrated life in the Church.

La oración de Fátima

Cuando Nuestra Señora de Fátima se apareció a Lucía, Francisco y Jacinta por tercera vez, en el 13 de julio de 1917, hizo dos cosas de gran importancia: en primer lugar, ella les mostró una visión aterradora del infierno para revelar el sufrimiento terrible que el pecado causa; y en segundo lugar, les dio lo que ha llegado a ser conocido como la Oración de Fátima, que les dijo para decir al final de cada década del Rosario.

Our Lady of Fatima Centenary

A hundred years ago, on the 13th day of every month from May through October of 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children near Fatima in Portugal, bringing them an urgent message, calling for repentance and prayer, a message that has no less urgency today.