Joy that gives hope: St. John Bosco

Pope Francis says that we get to know Jesus best through His wounds, the wounds found in His brothers and sisters in need; and we serve Jesus best by being a channel of His joy and mercy. This certainly was true for the saint whom the Church honors on Jan. 31, St. John Bosco.

Our Lady of Fatima Centenary

A hundred years ago, on the 13th day of every month from May through October of 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children near Fatima in Portugal, bringing them an urgent message, calling for repentance and prayer, a message that has no less urgency today.

The wondrous mystery of the Lord Jesus; Final of seven parts: What makes Liturgy...

Preserving authenticity in celebrations of the Sacred Liturgy has been a prominent concern of Pope Benedict XVI (formerly known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) for...

Judgment, the final encounter with truth and love

A favorite Biblical image used by the Church Fathers to describe the fragility and complexity of human life is that of a potter working with clay.

What is Scandal? Part One: The Mystery of the Cross

Scandal is not a happy topic. It is fodder for gossip and fuel for rumors. It is a favorite of modern media and a weapon in decadent politics. But scandal, even if enticing to the curious mind, cannot make the heart sing. It weighs down the human spirit. It leads a person towards hell.

Lo que puede hacer nuestra Iglesia local

Después de haber abordado ciertos aspectos de los escándalos que tanto han herido la Iglesia en las últimas décadas, deseo ahora examinar la cuestión de lo que se puede hacer.

Marriage is beautiful

On Dec. 30, 2016, the Feast of the Holy Family, a revised Rite for Marriage began to be used throughout the English-speaking Church. It is called The Order of Celebrating Matrimony. Though much of the Rite remains the same, the changes serve to deepen the beauty of the symbolic expression of marriage, as well as to radiate the unchanging truth of marriage in our culture.

Las puertas del infierno están cerradas por dentro, Segunda Sección

El mes pasado, comencemos a considerar una de las doctrinas cristianas que muchos encuentran profundamente preocupante, a saber, el infierno.

Faith proclaimed and lived

Any pilgrim arriving before St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome immediately feels a sense of joy and majesty, before the immense proportions and exceptional quality of the art and architecture.

El Rosario — Arma de María para la Paz

En medio de un número creciente de víctimas y el terrible sufrimiento causado por la Primera Guerra Mundial, y como los líderes del mundo no mostraron ningún interés en trabajar por la paz, Dios envió a la Santísima Virgen María a los niños en el centro de Portugal con un plan que podrían convertir corazones y así detener el derramamiento de sangre.