State of the Campaign: Parish Support

The “Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante” campaign gives parishes the opportunity to meet the immediate needs of their community while joining with the rest of the diocese to build up the body of Christ through the work of discipleship and evangelization.

La Familia: Primera escuela del discipulado

Crecí en una granja en el noreste de Kansas, donde montar a caballo a nuestra escuela de un sola salón, cuidando de los cerdos y el ganado, trabajando en los campos, y pasar tiempo con la familia vino tan naturalmente como respirar.

Mary, a woman of patience

Picture an image of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Now picture her pregnant.

@Pontifex opens windows of Church to new generation

Fifty years ago, Pope John XXIII famously opened the windows of the Church. With Twitter, Pope Benedict XVI is doing the same for a new, more plugged-in generation of Catholics.

Fostering and adopting children: The toughest job you’ll ever love

One woman's prayer for the miracle to adopt two children slowly became real — starting the next day when a girl climbed into her husband's lap.

Let freedom or religion ring (Part II)

Part one of this article elaborated on how attacks to religious freedom take many forms, sometimes violent sometimes subtle. We also saw how our...

Cross-centered Catholic renewal

In a Sistine Chapel homily, given to the cardinals who had elected him pope the evening before, the new bishop of Rome, reflecting on the dialogue between Jesus and Peter at Caesarea Philippi (Matt 16:13-25), challenged those who had just laid a great cross on his shoulders to deepen their own commitment to Christ crucified.

The vocation of family life requires sacrifice, but reflects God’s love

As I write this, it’s approximately 4 a.m. Why 4 a.m., you may ask? That’s because that’s the time that Katie, my 1-year-old daughter, finally let me put her down. Shortly after she was born, Fr. Karl who was one of my supervisors in my previous job, used to ask me, “Are you getting any sleep?” I’d always respond “No, of course not.” And he’d always snarkily respond with, “Good, that’s why God gives children to young people — they can handle it, unlike people my age.” Although the banter was half-joking, there was some truth to it.

Philadelphia here we come: Love is our Mission

With just days to go until Pope Francis arrives in the U.S., Catholics from around the globe — including two journalist-catechist moms from The Catholic Sun — are preparing to join him at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia where they’ll unite around the theme “Love is our Mission.”

State-sanctioned killing is not about love

Before you say: “He would say that, he’s a bishop,” please hear me out. When it comes to calls for euthanasia, I get it, I really do. A few years ago, I was close to death.