My friend, the Catholic who wasn’t

My best friend is one of the most Catholic people I know. Only he’s not Catholic. But we can all learn something about being...

Native Texan follows call to desert

When this opportunity came up to become editor of The Catholic Sun, my family and I prayerfully discerned that this was where God was calling us. So like St. Joseph, who was called by God to take his family to the desert, we’ve been called to come to Arizona.

Catholic and American? Key ways to evangelize today’s culture; part six in a series

The common good is built by means of charity. While it is true that the government has a role to play in this endeavor, it is incapable of bringing about human flourishing on its own, since it cannot move people to act with charity.

Lo que puede hacer nuestra Iglesia local

Después de haber abordado ciertos aspectos de los escándalos que tanto han herido la Iglesia en las últimas décadas, deseo ahora examinar la cuestión de lo que se puede hacer.

El Santo que inspira al Papa Francisco: San Ignacio de Loyola

Es por providencia de Dios, que ahora tenemos, por primera vez en la historia, un Papa Jesuita. No ha de sorprender, entonces, que el Papa Francisco se sienta cerca a San Ignacio y que haya sido grandemente impactado por su vida y su enseñanza.

New Springtime for Consecrated Life

Members of consecrated life receive special charisms, not so much for their own good as for the good of others, to be integrated into the whole Body of Christ, the Church, and to be channeled into an evangelizing impulse at the service of the Lord. I pray that this may be one of the fruits of the Year of Consecrated Life.

Love your brother, but feel free to question his ideas

We are called by Christ to respect and love our fellow human beings — regardless of their beliefs, or even their actions. That is what Christ instructs to do — period!

Steep price of freedom demands courage of those who defend it

Watching the videos of the hordes of people protesting in Venezuela, braving water cannons and rubber bullets, risking death or imprisonment for speaking out against a repressive government, the rallying cry comes back to me again and again: Freedom isn’t free.

Confusions about ‘equality,’ ‘discrimination’

The debate over marriage will be at the forefront of American public life for the foreseeable future.

Failure in civil discourse leads to breathlessness of spirit

America’s got a weight problem. It’s only getting worse. Today more than a third of U.S. adults are considered obese, according to studies from the...