God finds a way to conform our choices to His will

The freedom to travel different paths to the same destination is the same freedom God gives us to live our lives.

Human Freedom; Part two: Education for freedom

“It is not enough to say ‘I am free’,” Blessed John Paul II was accustomed to say, “One needs also to say ‘I am...

Joy that gives hope: St. John Bosco

Pope Francis says that we get to know Jesus best through His wounds, the wounds found in His brothers and sisters in need; and we serve Jesus best by being a channel of His joy and mercy. This certainly was true for the saint whom the Church honors on Jan. 31, St. John Bosco.

Celebrating God’s Gift of Love and Life

A wedding banquet was not when we might have expected Jesus' first miracle. Usually, His miracles cured the sick, healed the leper, fed a hungry crowd of thousands, gave sight to the blind. So why did He work His first miracle at a wedding banquet?

Desear el cielo es un gusto adquirido

Following advice from a support group, Vivian Sarsam decided to take her 86-year-old husband, Muntaz, to Tempe Adult Day Health Services Center two years ago.

Count your blessings and give thanks

It is easy to slip into ungratefulness amid life's challenges, but remembering the everyday blessings God provides is an antidote to the woes of the world.

Who is your face of Catholicism?

I do not have many memories of life before Catholic elementary school. But I do remember crying my eyes out the first time my...

The freedom faith gives

Do not remain on the sidelines while the rest of us take a stand for religious liberty. It is more important than ever not to be ashamed to be identified with Christ and His Church in this historic test of our faith.

Love your brother, but feel free to question his ideas

We are called by Christ to respect and love our fellow human beings — regardless of their beliefs, or even their actions. That is what Christ instructs to do — period!

Steep price of freedom demands courage of those who defend it

Watching the videos of the hordes of people protesting in Venezuela, braving water cannons and rubber bullets, risking death or imprisonment for speaking out against a repressive government, the rallying cry comes back to me again and again: Freedom isn’t free.