Consagración al Inmaculado Corazón de María

El famoso autor ruso Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn pasó casi 50 años estudiando la historia de la revolución sangrienta que costó la vida de unos 60 millones de sus compatriotas. Concluyó: “los hombres se han olvidado de Dios”.

La santidad es para todos

En los primeros siglos de la fe cristiana, el rito del Bautismo con sus gestos, palabras y simbolismo potentes, tenía un fuerte énfasis en la conversión, una reorientación radical de la vida del pecado y hacia Dios.

JC’s Stride: Reason to hope in spite of the chaos around us

No matter how grim the news, no matter how appalling the latest trend in the culture, we trust in His tender care to see us through every storm.

Follow Pope Francis to a better world

From the start of his papacy in his first papal address when he called for compassion for the poor and then proceeded to bless all who listened, non Catholics and non-believers as well, Pope Francis extolled the ministry of service to and love for others.

The blessing of a chaste life: The call to holiness of homosexual persons

When the Church at Vatican II lifted high the universal call to holiness, it rightly received an enthusiastic response. For it is indeed good news for people of every time and place. How good to know that it is possible for us all to have a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and even to become like Him.

We must take a stand for Christ in our culture

If there’s one thing this rancorous political season has revealed, it’s that America is in a battle for its soul. Who are we and what do we stand for?

Making the most of Lent by doing away with indifference

Most of us will probably never have to risk our lives in order to help someone. The question is, what are we doing with this precious life that we’ve been given? Are we squandering it on trivialities? And what will the Father find when He looks into our heart and searches for compassion?

Our Catholic schools need more champions

Exactly what does it mean to be a champion of Catholic schools? It means doing what you can from where you stand.

The real war on women

The current administration tells us there is a war on women. And there is — absolutely — a war being waged on women. But...

This Lent, go without

I used to think that fasting was worthless. I would find reasons to excuse myself from the obligatory Lenten practice: low blood sugar, anemia, etc.