Is Dr. Gosnell an aberration?

People look at Dr. Kermit Gosnell and wonder, how could he kill aborted babies born alive? Don’t wonder. He could well be just like a lot of doctors you know.

Why books matter: Power to corrupt or inspire

I admit it: I’ve always loved to read. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being curled up with a good book in the company of my husband and children who are similarly engaged.

Liturgical Music as participation in Christ

St. Augustine recounts in his autobiography “Confessions” an experience he had during the singing of the Mass.

America is embracing life — keep it up!

What better time to remind ourselves of the value of life than at Lent, when the message of sacrificing for others beckons us to see and respect the value of all humanity.

El Santo más feliz de Dios: San Felipe Neri

Hace quinientos años, en el año 1515, nació un hombre que el mundo llegaría a conocer como el apóstol de Roma y uno de los más divertidos santos de la Iglesia.

Are homosexual families dysfunctional?

We used to talk more about dysfunctional families – those in which love was lacking due to a variety of circumstances. Dysfunction means not operating normally or properly. Most families actually were dysfunctional to a degree, yet fixable.

Our Lady of Fatima Centenary

A hundred years ago, on the 13th day of every month from May through October of 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children near Fatima in Portugal, bringing them an urgent message, calling for repentance and prayer, a message that has no less urgency today.

Practical Points for Singing the Mass

In the first three parts of this series we have explored the meaning of sacred music, the Church’s role in preserving and fostering it, and its role in evangelizing culture.

Pugin at 200

The prospect of “redecorating,” or any other form of “home improvement,” generally gets me thinking, quickly, about a lengthy research trip abroad. Yet I...

Hearing that ‘still, small voice’ this Lent draws us closer to God

You’ll hear Him encourage you to let go, to trust, to forgive, and to sacrifice.