First in her family to graduate college, Bourgade grad now assisting others to obtain,...

Miranda Maciel was a senior at Bourgade Catholic High School when the opportunity to be interviewed on The Bishop’s Hour popped up. The Diocese of Phoenix’s weekly podcast producers were looking for students who could attest to the many benefits of Catholic education.“ And I actually wanted to say no at first because I thought, well, I’m not super Catholic,” Maciel says. Then she found out she’d miss math class if she agreed

Op-ed: Preserving the Hyde Amendment and Protecting the Vulnerable

As Congress prepares to vote on funding priorities for the coming year, we are encouraged that attention is being paid to assisting vulnerable populations in many different ways. Unfortunately, however, there are also serious and disturbing proposals to subsidize the deaths of unborn children that are gaining momentum and must be rejected.

[VIDEO] Make Sunday feel like Sunday again

Bishop Olmsted reflects on how Sunday has become just another day among others. He provides tips on how to restore the Lord's Day.

VIDEO: St. Joseph: Model husband and father St. Joseph: Model husband and father On March 19 we celebrate the first of two feast days in the Church’s calendar that honor St. Joseph,...

GUEST EDITORIAL: Why we need to embrace the year on family love

Faithful, well-catechized families are critical to the mission of the Church. Within the family, the Gospel is lived out and passed on in word and in deed. Vocations are introduced. Virtue is nurtured. This most basic cell of society is where the faith can flourish, if it is properly tended to.

VIDEO: Merry Christmas from Bishop Olmsted and the Diocese of Phoenix

On behalf of Bishop Nevares and all the clergy and religious of the Diocese of Phoenix, Bishop Olmsted is praying that you and your loved ones have a merry Christmas.

Contemplating the closeness of the Incarnation in a year of separation

Christmas is a celebration of the infinite love of God, a love that is unbounded, a love that loosens limitations and dissolves boundaries. It is the feast of a God whose love obscures the separation between divinity and humanity, God and man.

VIDEO: Preparing for the Lord while navigating a weary world – A new message...

The days leading up to Christmas are a great time to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually to celebrate the coming of our Lord. However, for many of us this time can be difficult when our world seems almost unrecognizable from just a year ago. We may be anxious, lonely, distressed or discouraged. How do we deal with these feelings, during a time when the Lord is inviting us to joyous anticipation of Christmas?

For unto us a child is born

Advent is a time of anticipation. We wait, marking the passage of time with our Advent candles, counting the days. Drawing closer to Bethlehem. This year has felt more Lent than Advent, but it has been a time of waiting, a year of mandated patience.

VIDEO: Giving thanks and praying for all of you — A new message from...

Bishop Olmsted urges us to keep our loved ones close to our heart this Thanksgiving, and offers up some practical tips to help prepare our hearts and minds to welcome the Lord as we enter into the Season of Advent.