VIDEO: Being Healthy, Smart and Holy in the New School Year – A Message...

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Bishop Olmsted Appeals on Behalf of the Suffering People of Lebanon

Life is never easy in Lebanon. In addition to COVID-19, the city of Beirut has suffered an explosion that has changed the lives of thousands.

Communion in a time of farewells

The present moment, defined by a pandemic and a growing awareness about disturbing dynamics in our society that cut human lives short, demands that we talk about farewells, and do so with Catholic faith.

Post-graduation lessons from the plague year

It seems as if there are two kinds of graduation narratives for what happens after young collegians toast each other, flip their tassels and head out to take on the world.

Pentecost: Know forgiveness, know peace; no forgiveness, no peace

“Peace be with you,” Jesus says in the Gospel reading for Pentecost Sunday (Jn 20:19). Peace — as in harmony, or even as in a lack of noise — is not exactly plentiful these days. Certainly not in an election year, when cacophony seems to be the (dis)order of the day.

Don’t look at me … And other advice from a parent with young kids...

On a recent Sunday, my 4-year-old and 2-year-old were “having a moment” during Mass. Either they both wanted me to pick them up at the same time or they were fighting over one of their Church-approved books. Whatever the cause, I’d taken them outside to sit on a bench in the Church courtyard until they calmed down.

With no graduation ceremony, college senior finds comfort in Jesus

I felt a call to adventure in September when my friend, Lexie, a FOCUS [Fellowship of Catholic University Students] missionary, asked me to join her on a mission trip to Belize over spring break. I’d never been on a mission trip, although it had been on my heart for a while. After discerning that this is what God wanted for me, I decided to sign up.

Memories of St. John Paul II on his 100th birthday

Do I remember St. John Paul II? Yes, I remember him well. I write of him as the centennial of his birth May 18, 1920, approaches. It would be impossible to list all my lasting memories of him in one article. So that is not my goal.

‘Disney+’ streaming options with Christian themes

Social distancing has become the new normal and for all of us, and that means not being able to go to the movie theater. Thanks to modern technology, there are hundreds of movies available via streaming services, making it possible to bring the magic of the movie theater into your own home.

Motherhood and spirituality

“Lord, give me strength.” This has been my mantra of late, every morning when I start to hear the first whines and cries from my 17-month-old around 5:20 a.m.