Thoughts for Catholics impacted by the Boy Scouts of America membership policies

John Stemberger, an Eagle Scout and founder of OnMyHonor.Net, a coalition opposed to allowing open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts of America, addresses the media May 23 in Grapevine, Texas, after the Scouts voted on allowing openly gay members to join t he Boy Scouts of America May 23 . (CNS photo/Ben Torres, The Texas Catholic)
John Stemberger, an Eagle Scout and founder of OnMyHonor.Net, a coalition opposed to allowing open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts of America, addresses the media May 23 in Grapevine, Texas, after the Scouts voted on allowing openly gay members to join t he Boy Scouts of America May 23 . (CNS photo/Ben Torres, The Texas Catholic)

Letter by Fr. Dennis J.O’Rourke, V.F., Boy Scout chaplain for the Diocese of Phoenix

Two groups of Catholics are directly impacted by the decision of the Boy Scouts of America to not prohibit youth members who profess a same-sex orientation, namely, Catholic sponsoring organizations and Catholic scouts and their families.  Please remember, as you read this, I write this with the approval of my bishop, and as Diocese of Phoenix Boy Scout Chaplain.

The Church teaches that of homosexual acts are objectively “disordered.”  Second, the Church calls on persons who experience same-sex attraction “to fulfill God’s will in their lives” and to practice chastity which is the same for them as for all unmarried persons.  Third, the Church warns society to avoid “every sign of unjust discrimination” against those who experience same-sex attraction.

The policy adopted by the Boy Scouts states: “No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

The policy applies only to youth members (aged 11 thru 17), not to adult leaders who, per the Supreme Court decision in Boy Scouts v. Dale in 2000 are excluded based a private organization’s right to set its own standards for membership.  The new policy applies only to membership in the Boy Scouts.  There are some details of participation in certain activities that still need to be addressed.

There is nothing in the new policy or in Boy Scout literature that endorses or advocates the gay life style; in fact all members are prohibited from using the Boy Scouts to promote “any social or political position or agenda”.

The non-discrimination principle is outlined in Catechism of the Catholic Church #2358.  If the principle means anything, it means that the burden of proof lies on those who would discriminate against persons experiencing same-sex attraction to justify that discrimination.  Discrimination (e.g., refusing to recognize “same-sex marriage”) can and should be defended among Catholics.

That same-sex attraction itself (which is the only factor addressed by the BSA policy) should bar membership in a secular organization seems difficult to argue; to propose further that maintaining such a bar is a litmus test for Catholic sponsorship of an organization is even less sound.

Consider this: same-sex attraction, standing alone, does not prohibit one from being a fully initiated Catholic.  To argue, therefore, that, a Catholic parish must hold a sponsored organization to a higher membership standard than it holds itself to is inconsistent.

An official statement accompanying the new policy “reinforces that Scouting is a youth program, and any sexual conduct, whether heterosexual or homosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting.”  Such a statement seems totally in-line with sound Catholic teaching against sexual activity outside of marriage and stands in contrast to the indifference toward premarital sex shown by some other youth organizations let alone to some group’s partnering with organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Indeed, aside from youth programs expressly oriented toward chastity, I know of no other secular organization that so clearly declares all sexual conduct by its youth members to be contrary to its values as does the Boy Scouts of America.

This is enough to relieve Catholic organizations from concerns that their sponsorship of the Boy Scouts is incompatible with Church teaching on human sexuality.  Whether Catholic organizations or individuals may dissociate themselves from Boy Scouts without fear of giving bad example to others is another question.  There is no obligation to sponsor or join Boy Scouts in the first place.  My 50 plus years of experience in Scouting was and continues to be a healthy and entirely “sex-free” adventure.

Scouting requires serious commitments of time, talent, and treasure.  If Catholic sponsoring organizations and/or member families can’t agree that the Boy Scouts are able to deliver a youth program that actually operates within the parameters expressly asserted by the Boy Scouts, then they will likely decide that the challenges of Boy Scout affiliation exceed the benefits.  I argue otherwise.

But, unless and until another conclusion is demonstrated on evidence and not largely on predictions or fears, I think that Catholics may, and should, take the Boy Scouts at their word and continue to enjoy the programs offered.

This new standard more closely aligns with Catholic Church teaching.  Some had actually been concerned about the old standard for some time, because we have no other youth organizations in the diocese that would exclude youth struggling with same-sex attraction.  We don’t kick them out of our Catholic High Schools, Parish Youth Groups, or even our sports teams.  We just challenge all unmarried persons of any age to live a life of chastity.  We have our work cut out for us to hit this challenge head on, but if we are successful it will “bear good fruit.”

When people have spoken to me about the change, I simply ask three simple questions.  The practical question is “where do you send your kid to school?  Do you realize that your child’s school would not kick out a young man who claims same-sex attraction?”

The second question is more theological.  “Which children should we throw away?  Don’t all of God’s children deserve the Christian values of Scouting or do only those who are ‘morally straight’ in our eyes deserve this experience?  Is it our right to chose who is deserving of Scouting’s values or does God hold that in His hands?”

The third question asks them for an honest reflection.  Will this policy make being a Scout leader more difficult?  Perhaps, but isn’t helping all of God’s children our ministry?  Does it make me uncomfortable?  It may, but our job is to figure it out so every kid has a chance.

Jesus said “Feed my lambs.”  He didn’t say anything about the lambs themselves, only that they needed to be fed.  So it is with us and the Scouts, Scout Leaders, Parents, and even the Parish Leaderships that we care for.  They need to be fed by good shepherds that set good examples and display moral discipline in the face of an otherwise amoral society.  The sun will come up; the BSA and the Catholic Church will still be around, and then it’ll be time for calmer heads to prevail.

Scouts and parents of this country need us and they need the Scouting movement, especially in light of the ever-increasing lapse of morals in America.  Since they need us, let’s keep meeting their needs.

What a wonderful opportunity that has been handed to us at this moment in the history of the Church to broadcast what the Catholic Church teaches on sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular.  How often do we get people calling wondering what the Catholic Church teaches?  If we approach this moment in the spirit of the New Evangelization I’m confident we’ll come up with communications that not only allay fears, but will convey the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our mission with the BSA remains unchanged.  Our God is much larger than all of this.  He is in control, and will make something great out of this to glorify Him.


  1. With all due respect to Fr. O’Rourke, his stance seems like whistling past the graveyard at best, and willful denial of the inevitable at worst. The LGBTQ Militancy, in scoring this first real victory in their long pressure play against BSA, has really only begun their effort to transform this venerable institution into a temple of inclusivity and relativism – and having tasted blood, the Militancy will now invest the effort with redoubled vigor and, as both logic and history tell us, will not surcease in its onslaught until every nook and cranny of the BSA is open to overt practitioners of any and every sexual deviancy under the sun. The shape of things to come is amply demonstrated in the quote at the end of the article about the BSA’s policy shift which appears in the latest print edition of the Catholic Sun (a reprint of a CNS story on the topic):

    “Proponents of the change said they welcomed the move, but that the policy remains insufficient.

    ‘We view this as a first step to full inclusion,’ Zach Wahls, executive director of Scouts for Equality, said at a news conference in Grapevine. ‘For me, this resolution clearly doesn’t go far enough, but there is no doubt that for young men all over the country, this is a validation of who they are and an important testament to the ability of scouting to reconsider its position.’ ”

    Oddly, only the on-line version of the above-referenced Catholic Sun article includes any of the genuinely dissenting voices CNS quoted for their article, while the editorial staff of the Sun chose to omit the ONLY quotes opposing BSA’s move from the Diocese of Denver and Eagle Scout and founder John Stemberger.

    Hmmm…wonder why they did that?

  2. This story is really about banishment.

    Old liners in the boy scouts, didn’t like gay kids (and parents), so they tried to banish them. The Mormon Church (which has undergone a huge change in gay rights) joined secular America to block this ostracize-the-queer strategy. The Southern Baptists will probably withdraw, angry they can’t banish.

    So the big suspense is what my Catholic Church will do. the good Father here probably realizes that a very strong majority of Catholic Americans approve of equal treatment for the gays. So, presumably, the Catholic Church has to listen to the parishioners on this one; it can’t afford to dive more members away.

    • The Mormon church wants gay militancy to promote their polygamy. Just like NAMBLA wants the LGTB group to get a foothold so that it too may do their evil at will.

      Why are you at a catholic church if you want secularism?

      You are just like gays..You expect everyone to bow down to your will. How loving is that?

      If you don’t like something or don’t believe in what a group of people are doing you have the right to walk away. YOU DONT have the right to crap on them and DEMAND they change to suit YOUR whims!

      • First of all, the LDS church hasn’t practiced polygamy in over a century.

        Are gays asking you to bow down to their will? They want to be equal, and whether you like it or not, it’s happening.

        • YES!!!! Gays are asking everyone to bow down to their will. whenever they get married they DEMAND that a Christian bake them a cake. They DEMAND that a photographer photograph their wedding. They DEMAND that a florist make floral arrangements for their wedding. They DEMAND that civil servants preside over their wedding. If you don’t bow down to their will they will sue you for every penny you have and try to destroy you. Gays search out companies and people that have Christian values so that they may exert their will over them. Gays hate Christians as seen by this video

          So according to you it is ok for the gays to have free speech and whatever they want but the rest of us can have nothing.

          Oh and as to your first statement…..

  3. This is written just like every other progressive screed that convinced us to make one compromise after another with the Culture of Death–straw men and all.

    I’ve saved a copy of this and will be sending it back to you when the BSA has completed its self-destruction.

  4. Bravo, Fr. O’Rourke! Thank you for your wisdom. The ban made no sense and it will have no effect on the BSA. People are delusional if they think that a significant population of Scouts were not already gay.

  5. The ‘gay lobby’ is not going to stop here. I’m not sure how an openly gay eleven year old would be identified but the ‘gay lobby’ will not be happy until scout leaders will be able to identify themselves as homosexual. So to these extremists, The Boy Scouts of America are a hate group. But let me briefly answer the questions asked in this article.

    “Do you realize that your child’s school would not kick out a young man who claims same-sex attraction?” JO: Yes. And the child’s school wouldn’t tell the young man that if you act on your feelings you are committing a mortal sin.

    ”Which children should we throw away?” JO: We never “Throw away” a child. But we must teach, lecture, and evangelize. Let the ‘yute’ know there is good and evil and that everyone has a cross to bear and same sex attraction is theirs. It is no stronger than what heterosexual men have to suffer. Don’t play a victim.

    “Will this policy make being a Scout leader more difficult?” JO: No. Not for me. As a school teacher and one that’s in contact with many young men 13 and 14 years old, I make it clear that to be a real man you must be responsible for your actions, and that there are consequences. I don’t care if you have same sex attraction, or you love using girls for your own sexual pleasure, or you’re in a gang that does criminal activity, or you’re a racist…I could go on…The young man MUST DO what is right, and worship and honor God! “ Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” He did not say that life will be easy and that we will caudle you, but that we must suffer.

    Peace amigos…………………JO

  6. As previous posters above have pointed out, this is hardly the end of the line for the LGBT agenda.

    Yes, yes, this isn’t supposed to be a change that allows for Scouts to pursue a social or political agenda, but it already has. There are already scouts who have walked – in uniform – in Gay Pride Parades. With no consequence from the BSA. What’s next? (because, yes, there WILL be a “next”)

    As always, we start talking about tolerance. As if those who are unhappy with this change in the BSA guidelines are some horrible, gay-hatin’ people. Nope. This is not about that. In fact, I don’t know any Catholic personally who is anti-homosexual. It is the ACT, the lifestyle, NOT the person, where the issue lies.

    What happens when a young man/boy not only claims to be homosexual but then starts to discuss the lifestyle with other Catholic boy scouts? What happens when it becomes clear that the homosexual boy scout is acting out, and not just claiming some sort of sexual preference? Do we give him a hug and say, “That’s not right. We don’t agree with that.” Do we send him on his way, knowing that his choice in lifestyle is not in keeping with the Catholic Church? And when we do so, do we not open up our Catholic Churches to expensive litigation?

    The writing is on the wall. And I feel like some people want to hold on to these nostalgic feelings about the boy scouts and the warm fuzzy feelings of “let’s just love everyone.” But that doesn’t hold water when the LGBT agenda is to break down our society as a whole, to break down the Catholic Church and make Catholics out to be horrific, unloving and intolerant people.

  7. Free Will in a Representative Democracy is always going to be a challenge to entities with a dying history of centralized authoritarian control; be they Catholic or non-Catholic religious organizations. (I exclude Islam due to its Fundamentalism of Orthodoxy.)

    Unlike others I shall make NO JUDGMENTS on individual life style choices, be they LGBT or “catholic pillars of the church” that practice pervasive acts of adultery in an open and notorious manner while receiving communion on Sunday.

    LGBT is an individual issue which should be granted the latitude of understanding within a society where people have been encouraged to be more contemplative then condemning!

    The hand writing is on the wall for the (Conservative Dogmas) from years gone by. A new age has dawned, liked or not, as Americans have been given the “independence” to do as they will as long as someone else picks up their tab and responsibilities!

    The absolute truism about Free Will is that You Must Choose Wisely.

  8. You make a wonderful case to support the BSA, and I mostly agree, but my reservations outweigh my willingness to continue my youngest sons involvement. There are too many pen ended questions regarding the policy. Of particular concern is the openness itself. Does this mean all the boys can be open about the types of attractions they are having, whether to boys or girls? I know I am reading into this to some extent, but the bar for chastity needs to be higher. The second point is that there needs to be clear restrictions on verbal or physical expressions. The kids are not done with their development, and my son is now under increased risk than he was before of being approached or confronted with another boy coming out of the closet to him, which by the way forces complete consent or complete rejection. It is an emotional blackmail. The schools and culture are doing an enormous disservice to these kids. Don’t ask, don’t tell would have been a better policy. If you stay, stay local … nothing national. Remember that some disordered minds will take advantage of the situation.

  9. I am a Pack Committee Chair with a son just starting his Webelos path and another that will be a Tiger Scout in a couple of years. My wife and I were disappointed by the policy change but to us there is far more good in scouting than bad. Also, although there is less of an impact on Cub Scouts than Boy Scouts, I have had to handle this policy change with many parents and parishioners.

    Now, I did not say “Support”. As Catholics, we RESPECT all life. We need you to help others understand what is going on. Our kids are being bombarded with difficult issues and we need STRONG CATHOLIC SCOUT LEADERS to be role models of our Catholic Faith within Scouting.

    Since when has the Catholic Church ever run away from sinners? We help them, we embrace them and we pray for them. Catholics don’t run away, we stand our ground…even if that ground is being shaken by others. If you leave the BSA now, you are NOT helping the scouts you will be hurting them – you will ne handing the BSA to others who do not share our faith. Without Scout Leaders with strong Christian Values, the BSA is condemded to a path which we do not support. Like I have said – The Scouts need STRONG CATHOLIC SCOUT LEADERS right now – so help by stepping up and not leaving.

    (The second group is far more difficult to help so my argument has to come from many different sides)

    Please offer prayers for the BSA. Please pray for Catholic scouting parents to step up and become STRONG CATHOLIC SCOUT LEADERS and CATHOLIC ROLE MODELS.

    • I guess I don’t consider the Boys Scouts of America to be the Catholic Church, and it isn’t. Since I do not equate the two, it is easy for parents to walk and start something else. We can be Catholic role models everywhere. However, I understand your points. It seems to me, though, that there has been talk of this for years, and the NCCS and other Catholics ought to have had a stronger influence over the policy so that the concerns over the expression of attractions in front of other boys was strongly understood. All I have been getting is that I do not understand the intent of the new policy, and this is from my scout leaders and Edward Martin. That is nonsense, and that is really what gets me upset. What I DO know is that the schools are telling kids to “come out of the closet” and expect either full acceptance or full rejection. Look at he Courage website on Gay literature. It amazes me that parents have put up with this in the schools…so are you guys going to go to the schools and tell them to stop it? THAT is what we need to do, instead of “fixing the BSA.” I am all for getting to the root of it!

      • Elizabeth,

        I think you are half-ways there. You seem to be experiencing some confusion which may be resulting in your anger. If you are Catholic, you have to remember that “Catholic” is ancient Greek for “Universal”. We bring our Catholic faith to everything we do and everywhere we go and to everyone we meet.

        In my parish, the Cub Scouts are a youth ministry of our Church. The Boy Scout Troop is not. Not sure why – I’ll have to ask. Probably since the Troop is run by the scout themselves and the Adults don’t administrate, only oversee for their safety. Probably that is the reason there is a NCCS. It is our Catholic add-on to scouting which is approved by the BSA.

        There have been homosexuals in the Catholic Church and all Christian Churches for decades, maybe centuries. Many Catholic theologians have been studying for some time probably since Humanae Vitae in 1968. The Catholic Church has asked homosexuals to follow the rules that have been laid out for everyone especially no sex before marriage. Since the Catholic Church will only perform marriages between one man and one woman, we have asked Catholic homosexuals to remain chaste.

        It seems to me that part of the “Gay Lobby” is to have sexual orientation as part of our identity. I don’t refer to myself as Straight Catholic or a Straight Computer Engineer. Nor should anyone be forced by call themselves a Gay Scout or a Gay anything. The root of the matter is whether a person is born homosexual or becomes a homosexual. Every homosexual adult will tell you that they started as a teenager with a same-sex attraction. BUT…not every teenager that will experience a same-sex attraction will grow up to become a homosexual adult.

        In our Pack, chartered to our Catholic Church, we have a few Baptists. Now Catholics and Baptists rarely see eye-to-eye but it doesn’t matter. Because all we ask from a scout is that he has FAITH AND A DUTY TO GOD. This means we could have Jewish and Muslim scouts too – they too believe in the God of Abraham.

        In the end, it should not matter what the BSA or US Government chooses as policy. Every Scouting Parent needs to teach and instill into their scout – THEIR FAITH. It is their faith that will protect their scouts and guide them through life. With that we also need to teach love and respect. Instead of running away, I think that EVERY Catholic and Christian Church should embrace the BSA and charter a Pack, Troop, Crew and or Ship. Through this example, we can create a new generation of MEN OF FAITH.

        Elizabeth – it is not easy following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Faith demands that we love our enemies and embrace those that will do us harm. Remember – we protect ourselves and our scouts through faith. If the Scouts Moto is “Be Prepared”, I think that every Scouting Parent’s Moto should be “Have Faith”.

    • “Without Scout Leaders with strong Christian Values, the BSA is condemded(sic) to a path which we do not support.”

      You do realize that we are already ON this path, do you not? There is obviously a disconnect NOW in the BSA. And I am not “running away” by pulling my son from the Cub Scouts. I am showing him (aka standing my ground) that I will not fundraise or send hard-earned money to support an organization that is going down a path I do not support.

      You show passion for the scouting program…but have you looked into the K of C Columbian Squires? Why can’t our local Catholic churches form groups that are directly in line with the Catholic faith?

      My son has many years to live (God willing) and be introduced to many people, many lifestyles, many cultures…and he will understand that yes, he should respect all life. Be loving to others. And to live his faith in action. But as a parent of a young impressionable boy, it’s my right (and in my humble opinion, my responsibility) to shield him from the political agendas of others (LGBT) and not make him a pawn in their games as they destroy everything Christian in the U.S.

      • Tina, the lay people are working on this. Really, they can stay small and with other families….if they get to meet at church they get the benefit of insurance. These new programs, as with all youth issues, will deal with sensitive issues … if they arise … privately, in line with each person’s dignity. Do not be fooled by headlines, because the dioceses really are watching what happens with the BSA carefully. Parents have the final say.

        As parents we have a God given responsibility to not confuse our children, and the grace received through the sacrament of marriage to handle it if we use it. I agree with you, Tina.

        We need to hang tight and be strong.

        • Well said Elizabeth. (My apologies for seeing emotions in your text. I’m glad you are not confused or angry)

          Tina – As for “Political Agendas” I completely agree. I shield my sons from politics all the time because they can’t see past the candy-coated rhetoric to the poison inside.

          As for the Columbian Squires…I am a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus and an officer and was Chief Squire of my Circle when I was in high school. We are exploring what it will take to start a Circle that will complement the Boy Scouts. The Boys Scouts are great at giving boys the skills to become self-reliant and self-sufficient but the Squires would teach skills of the Soul and Faith. In fact, right after the policy was announced, I went to my council and requested money to purchase the workbooks for all of the Cub Scouts to earn their religious knot. This award, sewn to their uniform, will tell everyone that he is a Scout of Faith and hopefully will protect him.

          I also understand about fundraising and supporting the BSA with hard-earn money. There are other fundraisers that deal directly with the Pack. Your re- chartering fee does go to the local council and I guess BSA in general. I would simply ask that you re-consider keeping your son in Cub Scouts. If you are not in a Pack with like-minded parents such as yourself then find one and transfer. We have had a few recent transfers into our Pack and I sense that it has something to do with the policy change.

          Elizabeth and Tina, you both sound like wonderful Moms and I have no doubt that through your Faith and Passion your sons will become fine men whether that stay in Scouting or not.

          • Are you going to sponsor planned parenthood while you are at it?

            Just wondering at what point you are going to stand up or even take a stand?

            The second that they (BSA) decided to violate their own moral code and to violate what we as Christians believe in, you should have said “no” and walked away from them.

  10. I did not write this, a friend did, but it says perfectly for me how I feel about the situation.

    “It might surprise you that we don’t intend to allow our 10yo son to continue to fully participate in Scouts when he becomes a Boy Scout in 2 years, should his troop ever have an openly gay member. The reason is that as an older scout, he’ll be expected to attend campouts. And from experience, I believe that putting him in a situation where he’d be in intimate quarters with the gay teen is dangerous. It has nothing to do with thinking gay teens are lecherous nymphos, but because I think it’s easier for hormonally charged, emotionally immature young people to confuse intense feelings of friendship with sexual attraction.
    I’m not going to put my sexually and emotionally immature son into a situation where he’ll be in close, intimate proximity to a youth who doesn’t have the same moral convictions against that behavior. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t put him in a tent with a girl: because in his immaturity, it could easily become an occasion of sin for him. And especially since I *wouldn’t* discourage my son having a friendship with an openly gay member, he’d already have the foundation of friendship.

    In a troop with straight kids, you have the same immaturity, but every boy there has a boundary that would make homosexual acts unthinkable. But you completely change the dynamic when to one of the boys, that’s a morally acceptable action. Teens crave acceptance and love and it’s easy for them to become infatuated with another, even and especially a close friend. I think people underestimate the possibility of teens experimenting because they’re sexually and emotionally immature, out of that desire for union that’s written on all our hearts. And as I know all too well, a homosexual experience for youth is far more damaging spiritually than an unchaste but heterosexual one. That’s a bell that can never be unrung, can lead to a lifetime of spiritual damage and confusion….and is entirely preventable by not putting my son into a situation that could result in more temptation than he’s equipped to handle at a young age. I just think it’s playing with fire to put kids together who lack sexual self mastery without the natural boundary of them all being attracted to the opposite sex.

    I was going to add that this is the same reason I’d never send him over to play video games with a friend that we know engages in porn viewing, because it would be too easy for our son’s own immaturity to lead him into sin. And again, it’s not that gay scouts are sex-crazed; it’s ALL teen boys are forming their sexual identity and are emotionally and sexually immature. And as such, they lack self mastery and it’s easier for them to cross the line into sin. I know no one wants to consider this, but I don’t think this is a good scenario is a good idea for the gay teens, either. Does it matter whether they are just friends with their fellow scouts? Because putting them in close, intimate proximity to what is, in effect, the opposite sex for them, is just going to create a near occasion of sin for them, too. We wouldn’t put our sons’ friends who are girls in the tent with them, so why is it okay for gay scouts?”

    • Doesn’t this concern have a simple solution? Leaders can make sure that the gay scout is not in a 2 person tent. Unless you think there is danger of an immature homosexual somehow encouraging two fellow scouts to participate? Or that the third would somehow turn a blind eye.

  11. I think guidance from a 1986 document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith would be helpful. It’s entitled “Letter to Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” and notes:

    “All support should be withdrawn from any organizations which seek to undermine the teaching of the Church, which are ambiguous about it or which neglect it entirely. Such support, or even the semblance of such support, can be gravely misinterpreted.”

    The point of the matter is that the Boy Scouts now find it acceptable for boys claiming to be homosexual to proudly announce their identity to other boys. How does this cultivate a setting for growth in the virtue of chastity and Christian manliness?

    Fr. O’Rourke and too many others are stuck in the mindset that “This just can’t be happening.” He and others need to face the real threat that militant homosexuals pose to our faith and support the work of On My to come up with a truly Christian Boy Scouts of America.

  12. Captain America says:

    June 26, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    . . . “column reflects weak thinking and poor appraisal of the situation.”

    I agree with Captain America…I will go a step further and say that people who agree with this article like to live a life of convenience and not a life of Christ. They would rather twist what Christ has said and done into something that works for them…

    • I did not understand the part in the article abut the non-discrmination policy in the CCC, and that is a dangerous explanation if you push it to mean acceptance. Grave sin is grave sin and we should not promote it or condone it, or make it glamourous. Maybe the Bishop of Phoenix could write his own statement instead of sending one of his priests out to persuade people. I wish these people would get their hands off our children.

      • I understood that part loud and clear. Appeasement and popularity are far more important than protecting our children.

        This is my declaration:




  13. Everyone should protect their daughters as well!!!

    “GSUSA has promised they have ‘established standards that do not permit the advocacy or promotion of a personal lifestyle or sexual orientation,'” she said, “yet here is undeniable participation in an advocacy campaign. Unfortunately, this is not their first broken promise.”

    In 2004 GSUSA’s then-CEO Kathy Cloninger told NBC’s Today show, “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCAs, and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.”

    In a 2004 survey by STOPP International, around 25 percent of GSUSA councils who responded said they partnered with Planned Parenthood in some way. Sixty-five out of the country’s 249 councils responded to the survey.

    But while Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) has disputed claims that it has ties to Planned Parenthood, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), with which GSUSA is affiliated, has taken an aggressive stand in favour of “safe” abortions, as can be gleaned from a search of their website.


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