Some 150 Catholics stood praying the Rosary in front of the building that will soon house the new state headquarters for the state’s largest...

Four junior rowers at Xavier College Preparatory captured their school's first national crew championship in Camden, New Jersey May 23.

On April 3, the Arizona Legislature adjourned sine die at 3:37 a.m. after spending 81 days in session. The session was extremely fast-paced and...

The first Youth Catholic Congreso will welcome teenagers and young adults from throughout the area for a series of talks, panels, Masses plus a concert and rally.

While Christians may think of themselves as divided into different churches and denominations, the devil actually sees that they are one in their faith in Jesus, Pope Francis said in a video message to a Christian unity celebration in Phoenix.

The face of the Catholic Church is changing swiftly and it’s crucial to reach out to young, U.S.-born Hispanics who are slipping away from the Church in staggering numbers.

The newly confirmed Catholics would receive a strengthening of gifts from the Holy Spirit and the Church would receive a new crop of members fully initiated into the Body of Christ.

Holy Cross Father Tom Doyle grew up in a small town in Washington, the son of a country doctor and nurse in a family where priests were often welcome guests.

Tom Egan, who became president and CEO of Foundation for Senior Living in January, is on a mission: to do a better job of reaching out to people in the pews on Sunday and letting them know about its array of services.

The effort to pass on the teachings of the Catholic Church is supported each year through generous donations to the Charity and Development Appeal.


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