Christ calls every person to a special mission, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted told Massgoers who often find themselves praying in front of abortion clinics.

The Diocese of Phoenix will again celebrate a Eucharistic Congress Feb. 16-19, but this time, there will be tracks aimed at teen-aged and adult Catholics.

A former Diocese of Phoenix athlete, who punted for the 2007-08 Super Bowl champs, earned the diocese a spot in the first Super Bowl High School Honor Roll.

With a Mass that began with candlelight procession from the courtyard east of St. Mary’s Basilica to inside the church, the Year of Consecrated Life drew to a close in the Diocese of Phoenix Feb. 1.

Students from more than 30 Catholic schools in three dioceses across Arizona converged in one spot for a statewide field trip. They filled the concrete circle at Wesley Bolin Plaza Feb. 3 for the annual Catholic Schools Week rally. Their physical presence and youthful energy represented more than 21,000 Catholic school students throughout the Grand Canyon state eager to affirm their role in a Catholic school and the need for a faithful community to support it.

Students require quite a few supplies before entering a learning environment. Fortunately, their toolbox — their mind — is within reach.

Christ crucified, a Texas bishop told Arizona legislators, attorneys and judges, “looks at us and says, ‘Will you respond to Me as your brother?’

Three words sum up a decade of planning, fundraising and building at St. Francis Xavier Parish.: it is finished.

The significance of Pope Francis’ planned apostolic visit to Mexico Feb. 12-17 is not lost on the faithful in the Diocese of Phoenix. “While Mexico has its own unique heritage and culture, we can be sure that much of what Pope Francis says and does there will have great relevance for us in Arizona,” said Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. “I look forward to his pastoral visit to our neighbors to the south, and pray for a safe and fruitful pastoral journey by Pope Francis.”

A school known for its purple and gold now has an extra “gold” distinction.


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