Seeing with Easter eyes of faith

In the aftermath of Jesus’ violent death by crucifixion, His disciples were left shaken and doubtful. The risen Jesus’ appearances to His disciples moved them from fear to hope, and from doubt to faith.

La armadura de los Sacramentos

A lo largo de la historia de la humanidad, las guerras y sus resultados han dado forma a la identidad de muchas naciones. Pero existe otra guerra, aunque generalmente no se la observe por ojos humanos, que “no es contra enemigos de carne y sangre, sino contra los Principados y Potestades, contra los Soberanos de este mundo de tinieblas, contra los espíritus del mal que habitan en el espacio” (Ef 6:12).

Word to Life: Nov. 27, 2016, First Sunday of Advent

Noah’s neighbors were so engrossed in celebrating their good fortune that they were caught unprepared for the calamity of the Flood. Had they invited the less-fortunate villagers, perhaps the party may have ended in joy.

New Evangelization in the Americas – Text of Talk Given by Bishop Olmsted

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” These words of Charles Dickens could easily be applied to the present situation that the Church faces in the American continent when she proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ about marriage, family and the culture of life.

40 years after ‘Roe’ and 53 years after the pill, we still don’t get...

Contraception has been readily available for some 53 years. In 1960, there were about 800 legal abortions a year; today there's more than 1.2 million. The only rational conclusion is that contraception somehow fuels abortion.

These are the facts about the HHS mandate

Here is an editorial titled "These are the facts about the HHS mandate" from the Oct. 28 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, a national...

A Father’s WITH

The love of a father for his children and his wife is captured in a four-letter word: with. We see this in the life of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus. Even though he is mentioned a number of times in the Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke, no words of his are recorded. What mattered was that Joseph was there, present to Mary and Jesus, always ready to listen and to encourage, to protect and to provide.

Too busy to pray? Finding time for God brings peace

You may have heard the clever observation that people nowadays have become human “doings” rather than human beings. Multi-tasking, packed calendars and smart phones...

Rodeados por Ángeles, incluyendo los caídos

Caminamos rodeados de ángeles. No estamos solos, mientras transitamos por la vida; estos espíritus, creados por Dios, nos rodean en todo momento, aunque no podemos verlos porque son espíritus puros sin cuerpo.

Our faith should transform our politics

In response to editors' requests for a regular sampling of current commentary from around the Catholic press, here is a column titled "Our faith...