Manny Yrique,  featured in a recent article in The Catholic Sun, also visited the set of “Catholics Matter,” the Phoenix Diocese’s weekly interview-style television show.

Yrique explained that it was during his time before the Blessed Sacrament that his heart was burdened with concerns about the United States and the level of animosity in American discourse. From that, he felt a perpetual calling over the course of three years to create the Rosary for the United States of America.

From the story in the Sun:

Yrique said he designed the Rosary for the United States of America through prayer, often waking in the middle of the night to compose the intentions. Each of the five decades has a designated intention.

The first three decades are prayed for the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The fourth decade is dedicated to state and local governments as well as police and fire fighters. The fifth decade is devoted to U.S. military personnel.

The Rosary for the USA is not a political statement, Yrique said. He’s not praying for a particular candidate to win the upcoming election or for any political party’s success. He’s simply praying for the United States — its leaders and populace.

“At the time I started praying for my country, I was really concerned with how divisive we became over the SB 1070 [immigration] issue,” Yrique said. “So when I saw things happening on the news — when I saw people being angry at one another, shouting at one another, I thought, ‘This is not the way I was brought up.’”