"The Screwtape Letters" first appeared in London's Guardian newspaper during the dark days of World War II. In 1942, the Letters were published in book form in England — dedicated to Lewis' friend J.R.R. Tolkien. The following year, the book appeared in America to great acclaim. (Courtesy https://www.screwtape.com)
“The Screwtape Letters” first appeared in London’s Guardian newspaper during the dark days of World War II. In 1942, the Letters were published in book form in England — dedicated to Lewis’ friend J.R.R. Tolkien. The following year, the book appeared in America to great acclaim. (Courtesy https://www.screwtape.com)

Editor’s Note: On the occasion of the Year of Faith, the following is the second in a series of “letters” from a demonic supervisor to his underling regarding a plan to dismantle a family and ruin souls, written by Mike Phelan, director of the Marriage and Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Phoenix. In this series of fictional letters, keep in mind that the letters are written by a fictional demon. Therefore his “likes” are a horror and the Enemy he refers to is God Himself. All the while, the Guardian Angels of the family are battling in ways mostly hidden both to us the readers and to the devils for the family’s strength and salvation.Mike-Phelan-2012-250px

My Dear Little Gluestick,

You take cues well. As I wrote in my last letter, we look this time at the affront of the human animals’ covenantal institution of marriage. You proactively sent details from early observations of the Barr marriage, only one of which was news to me, yet I nonetheless note with approval your attempt to exceed expectations.

Dis-membering a family is always an excellent first step, hence your work as a DTAD. And the key to family dismemberment is prevention or dissolution of matrimony. How so? Let us look again at the Divine founding of this human horror.

I retell here the Creation Account in the Luciferian Memoirs — Our Terrible Leader Below writes: “Nothing prepared me for the outrage of the creation of woman from the side of the Adam.

“Up until that point I was cautiously in favor of much of what He-Who-Goes-Unnamed had brought about. The Adam was alarming I will admit — this bizarre admixture of water and dirt and spiritual soul — but alone he posed little threat to spiritual excellence, and I supposed he was a sort of “toy” to the Godhead. Indeed, the man was physically impressive, perhaps an earthbound version of something like Myself — perhaps the plan (which was never, ever disclosed, even to Me) was to echo the excellence of Myself on the physical plane, I thought. But an Eve!? Equally striking, and yet quite different, complementary to the Adam. An animal-communion? A unity of bodies with spirits — and thereby a reproduction? Disgust is too weak a word to describe the prelude to my Just Spiritual Rage.

“The moments of the human Parents’ first meeting set many of my angelic comrades singing with a new and servile joy. Not I, and not all. Indeed my silence left a hole in the melody noticed immediately on High. But the song grew in strength and self-forgetfulness, and the trees of the garden, and the wind and the birds and insects and beasts and the whole dirt-driven display returned a volley of notes, and the man and woman themselves showed naïve but Vocal skill and added an unheard-of strain…

“… then, in a moment burned on my Dark and Powerful Mind, began the Dance. And the woman and man moved together, and their dance mirrored the music and affected it as well, and the whole creation — Angels too!! — fit the music to the movement of the man and woman. They were not toys but somehow beloved of the Godhead, somehow given a free share — beasts given a share! — in the harmony of the world. And I had but one recourse. The music would be not stop. I waited. When the unendurable moment was over, a grave silence fell. The man and woman slept. And my voice, absent from the music but now tuned to the fullness of its beauty-clothed-in-rage, was heard. “No! I will not share the harmony with beasts! Non Serviam!”

Hence the Great War began. Gluestick, my serf, you will recall that my own rise to this position of demonic prominence followed my lecture Stop the Dance: The Threat of Matrimony and the Demonic Task. Stop the dance. This is our objective in the attack on every marriage.

Your notes indicate in the Barr marriage much of what is already known to us. The marriage is sacramental — those demons formerly charged with preventing this grace-laden consent have been, er, given other assignments. (One, Slipknot, nearly as well-regarded once as yourself is now un-named Slippers, and serves neatly in warming my own “feet.” FYI.) The sacramentality of their union is an obstacle, but not an impossible barrier by any means.

Husband Barr comes from a lifelong marriage, though his father was reserved and somewhat alcoholic. Passivity is in your male project’s bones, much to our advantage. Wife Barr is the childhood product of divorce, a lightly neurotic if not un-virtuous woman with the nagging sense that all could fall apart at any moment. This we knew. But the news you share of his new potential friendship with a real-believing Catholic Christian man of the parish is not lightly received. Get that relationship off track immediately.

Persevere at your post. Stop the dance. Get-In-Between. The orchestration of our temptation-plan of Husband Barr is our subject for next time.