Catholic composer and evangelist, Tom Quiner, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fully fund a new musical, “The Wedding at Cana,” which is designed to be performed as Catholic dinner theater.

Quiner, who has been on the writing side of nine faith-based productions, calls this interactive musical Evangelization through Entertainment.


Catholic Dinner Theater

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Kickstarter campaign[/quote_box_right]β€œThe Catholic church has a lot of great tools at its disposal to teach people about their faith,” Quiner said. β€œ’The Wedding at Cana’ is fun way to bring this particularly rich scripture passage alive.”

He also noted its opportunity to build community and invite non-Catholics and fallen-away Catholics back to church.

The Kickstarter campaign ends Oct. 26. If $15,000 is raised by then, funds will provide a high quality package of performance tools β€” namely a video, directors notes and everything else needed to allow other parishes to debut the musical using local talent.

It will debut during Lent 2015 in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Five performances are scheduled with hopes of bringing it to dioceses and churches nationwide..