One of Matt Maher’s latest songs, “FIREFLIGHT,” — from his ‘Saints and Sinners’ album released in March —is a song that tells the story of the interior struggles that we all face in our lives, according to a short write-up on, a Catholic social media platform out of the Archdiocese of Sydney. It’s inspired by the experience and legacy of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whose biographical film, “The Letters,” hits theaters tomorrow.

Maher is quoted on explaining,

“One of my favorite stories of someone who struggled and had a very dark side was Mother Teresa. She went through extensive effort to start a religious order. She became a nun, started her own order of nuns and then moved to India; and immediately the presence of God disappeared from her life, and she didn’t feel anything. She started writing letters to her spiritual director, confessing all of her internal struggles. At the same time, her ministry blew up and next thing you know, everyone is finding out about this nun from Calcutta, and everyone loves her. All the while, she was having these moments where she struggled and felt so weak and God felt so distant. She offered a quote that says, ‘If I ever do become a saint, I will surely be one of darkness. For I will not be content to roam the streets of heaven while there’s one soul who still longs for God.’ Her quote captures that hunger of a person, who in the midst of struggle, still loves the marginalized and still loves the oppressed. ‘Firelight’ is a song about disillusionment and that very frail prayer of asking God to burn and shine in the midst of that and to continue to light the way through darkness.” Matt Maher

The songs lyrics make up the video imagery with fainter imagery yet behind them depicting the little nun. Here’s a look at the movie.

More on the film.

There was a small, private screening of the film in our building in recent weeks. One person who saw it noted Mother Teresa’s perseverance serving in a largely Muslim country. The love and dignity Mother Teresa showed to the sick and dying also inspired.

Two things to note if you see the movie, she said:

  • Keep in mind it largely features earlier portions of her life focusing more on the beginning of her ministry and global recognition.
    This review seems to allude to that point. Here’s the Catholic News Service review.
  • Pay attention to the song at the end