Vicente Reid, a 2004 graduate of Bourgade Catholic High School, helped execute the first PHX Night Market April 21-22. (courtesy photo)

Vincente Reid is a homegrown community leader with a heart for his native Filipino culture. As CEO of the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce, he was a key player in executing the first PHX Night Market April 21-22.

The Asian-influenced and Phoenix foodie-inspired event sold out April 21 and expected an overall attendance of more than 5,000 people from the Greater Phoenix area. The night market celebrated cultural diversity, cuisine, music and community. More than 40 food and merchandise vendors participated.

Reid, a 2004 graduate of Bourgade Catholic High School, attributes his passion for cultural diversity and community advancement to his mother and the community. His mother instilled into him a set of strong morals defined by fairness, compassion, and perseverance. She also set a strong example by working multiple jobs and long hours to afford his education.

“Bourgade helped me cultivate the attributes of compassion, tolerance, logical reasoning and perseverance. These skills have aided me throughout the years in becoming an effective community activist and leader and push for further cultural development. I hope to help inspire future generations, and to make Arizona a better place,” Reid said.

In case Reid’s name sounds familiar, he is also running for the Justice of the Peace in the West McDowell precinct; the precinct where he grew up and still resides.

And Reid isn’t the only Bourgade alumni — and foodie — to make recent headlines. Jennifer Caraway, a 1991 graduate and founder of Phoenix’s The Joy Bus Diner, won Food Network’s “Chopped” competition.

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