This statue of St. Lucy is found at San Lucy Native American Mission in Gila Bend. (Courtesy of Fr. Joy Vargas)

Dec. 13

This saint, venerated by Christians since her own time, likely was martyred in Sicily, probably during the persecutions of Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ruled 284-305.

However, legends about Lucy include a rejected suitor denouncing her as a Christian and miracles that saved her from life in a brothel, from being burned at the stake and from having her eyes plucked out. Another legend says she bled to death after her throat was cut.

Lucy, whose name suggests light, is among the saints listed in the canon of the Mass.

She is the patroness of electricians and ophthalmologists and Christians pray for her intercession regarding diseases of the eyes. She is also the patroness of San Lucy Native American Mission in Gila Bend.