On Sunday, October 16, Soles 2 Souls, a local non-profit launched in 2021 by two high school students, partnered with Arizona Helping Hands to help children in foster care.

Alec Bansal and Jake Krotonsky, juniors at Brophy, created the nonprofit and decided to host a basketball event with families from Arizona Helping Hands. Fifty foster care children were invited to the event to play basketball, soccer, and dodgeball, and Soles 2 Souls  provided everyone with a new pair of Nikes. The games took place at Brophy College Prep Gym, and everyone had a great time!

Alec and Jake started Soles 2 Souls after seeing a homeless person on the side of the street with very run down, holey shoes. They are passionate about shoes and decided to do something to help. They wanted to provide essentials to people in the community in need. It was a grassroots campaign before they were introduced to a teacher at Brophy, Mr. Deline, who helped them start thinking bigger.  He’s the one that had the idea to partner with Arizona Helping Hands!

To date, the organization has raised over $6000 and donated more than 100 pairs of shoes to people in need in our community.