By: Moises Torres, Jr. & Joshua Espinoza, Bourgade students
Photos by Giavanna Hernandez and Miara Cash

From the opening tip-off, the Priests vs. Students basketball game at Bourgade Catholic High School in Phoenix was an enthusiastic intro to Catholic Schools Week on Tuesday. It was a close competition, as the Golden Eagle boys displayed their skills throughout the game. The Priests quickly put an end to the students’ first charge and tried to make a basket but were blocked. As the game progressed, it became clear that the Priests had great teamwork. Throughout the first half, the Priests had a lead of 9-0, until sophomore Anderson Thai nailed a three-point shot without hesitation. Overall, Anderson scored 8 points to help his team.

An epic tip-off! (Photo Credit: Giavanna Hernandez)

During half time, Seminarian Christopher Arteaga gave a testimony regarding his spiritual journey. Arteaga’s saying in high school was “Jesus, I trust in You,” which encouraged how he was to decide his future. He is studying to become a Priest at the Nazareth House Seminary in Phoenix.

Seminarian Christopher Arteaga shares his witness during halftime. (Photo Credit: Miara Cash)

The contest not only entertained fans but offered a dramatic conclusion. The final score was 25 to 25. Whether on the court or in the chapel, the Priests and the students gave it their all in a thrilling match-up.