Father Shea Bowora, parochial administrator of St. Daniel the Prophet, knows all about healing hearts. 

“[Priests] are literally in the business of healing hearts. That’s what we do seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Jesus does the heavy lifting. He’s specifically healing souls, broken souls. It’s Christ Himself who’s setting that person free.” 

In his own walk with the Lord, Father Bowora noticed the Lord healing him and showing him love. He even owes part of his journey to the priesthood to the CDA. 

“The Diocese of Phoenix and CDA helped pay for my seminary formation. If there was no CDA, I wouldn’t be at St. Daniel.” 

It was because of the CDA’s support that Father Bowora is now able to accompany others through providing opportunities for them to encounter Jesus, the Healer, through the sacraments. 

“Every human being, to one degree or another, has a broken heart. Christ came into the world to heal broken hearts. These hearts long for God, whether [they] know it or not. And in a sense, that’s what we offer here. We offer Jesus Body Blood, Soul and Divinity. We offer Jesus to broken hearts.”  

Your gift to the CDA makes it possible for pregnant mothers, families of those incarcerated, children in foster care, and so many others to experience the healing love of Christ. Make your gift today at give.dphx.org