Silvia Starrs is a prison ministry volunteer and knows the incarcerated and their families by name. She accompanies them, meeting their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

“In prison, there’s lots of broken hearts. Not just the prisoners, but also their families. We love meeting their needs, helping to build bridges back to the families.”

One child that Starrs mentored through prison ministry really touched her heart. At the time, she didn’t know how she’d mentor Angelina while working and raising her children, but the Lord had a different plan.

“God put her there. I knew that was love at first sight. When you say ‘yes’ to our Lord, He works all things out.”

Starrs has seen the impact of the Charity and Development Appeal’s (CDA) support, which funds the prison ministry program. Starrs recalled a moment that wouldn’t have been possible without funding from the CDA. She mentored some girls who were celebrating their first Communion. Starrs and others organized a banquet celebration and provided them with beautiful dresses for the occasion.

“They were celebrated like they deserved. If it wasn’t for CDA, there wouldn’t be a prison ministry program.”

Angelina Lira was a few months old when CPS got involved. From then on, Lira lived with her grandmother along with 40 other family members, crammed into one house. Lira grew up with family members who repeated the cycle of drug use, and she desired a positive influence in her life. Lira found who she had been looking for as Starrs mentored her.

“I’ve seen [Silvia] be so connected to God. I wanted to be close to Him, trust Him and believe that everything she was teaching me was real. I took everything [Silvia] ever taught me and I ran with it. Every seed she kept planting in me kept growing and blooming, and that’s where I’m at today.”

Prison ministry has continued to accompany Lira into adulthood as she raises her children and prays for her children’s father who is in prison.

“I know the pain my kids feel. Prison ministry has helped in a lot of ways, from visiting their dad, for bringing their dad closer to God, praying with my kids and helping them believe in God and trusting that God has a plan not just for them but for their dad as well.”

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