More than 3,000 gathered in downtown Phoenix on March 1 for the Arizona March for Life. Bishop Emeritus Thomas J. Olmsted opened the rally, held at Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, and was joined by the Sisters of Life in praying the Rosary.

Olivia Escobedo from the It Goes Too Far Campaign, reminded attendees of the importance of fighting the Arizona Abortion Access Act: “What we need to do is fight this, because the legislature, if this passes, will have no power to overturn it. We have to talk to every single voter.”

“The Arizona March for Life brings together thousands of Arizona students, advocates, and families in solidarity and fellowship for life,” said Jill McCabe, Arizona Life Coalition Board of Directors and Chair Catholic Outreach. “As Cardinal Robert Sarah said, ‘there is no unity apart from the truth.’

“It’s more important than ever that we come together as a pro-life community unified in the truth of God’s will for life,” added McCabe. “It’s critical that we discuss the reality of abortion: its harm to women, unthinkable treatment of the unborn, and the deceitful tactics of its allies. Young people especially need to hear this. They are entering a world inconceivable to past generations and need the truth as a guidepost to form strong prolife views, and influence peers against the evil of abortion.”

To read a recent letter addressing the pro-abortion signature campaign in Arizona, click here to access the Arizona Catholic Conference response.

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