Bishop John Dolan began the Feast of St. Joseph on Tuesday as a speaker at the annual Hope in Motion Breakfast for Foundation for Senior Living (FSL). Held at the Arizona Biltmore Resort, he also led the 400-plus attendees in the opening prayer. The event raises money for FSL, who served nearly 42,000 Arizonans in 2023 and makes Arizona a safe place to age.

At midday, Bishop John celebrated a special Mass at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, as March 19th also marks the 129th anniversary of the hospital that was founded in 1895 by the Sisters of Mercy. The current facility opened in July of 1953 and has thrived at this same location for going on half a century.

“Both FSL and St. Joseph’s really point to our outreach, but also in the spirit of St. Joseph, who welcomed Mary and the Christ child into his home as directed by the angel,” said Bishop Dolan. “In essence that’s what we do. We welcome people into our home, especially through a very tangible way, through Foundation for Senior Living, but also in the hospital. People are coming and they need assistance and we put them up and we give them all the care that we could possibly give them to bring them to a level of wholeness.”