Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries

The Church has given us a new English translation of her Order of Celebrating Matrimony. This new liturgical document offers us a good opportunity for timely catechesis on the vocation of marriage in the Church and society. Considering this, beginning today, I shall lift up some of the fresh insights and new liturgical practices found in this wonderful new ritual.

Puntos prácticos para cantar la Misa

En las tres primeras partes de esta serie hemos explorado el significado de la música sagrada, el papel de la Iglesia en preservar y fomentarla, y su papel en evangelizar la cultura.

Joy that gives hope: St. John Bosco

Pope Francis says that we get to know Jesus best through His wounds, the wounds found in His brothers and sisters in need; and we serve Jesus best by being a channel of His joy and mercy. This certainly was true for the saint whom the Church honors on Jan. 31, St. John Bosco.

Discurso del Obispo Olmsted en el Desayuno de Oración Nacional Católica

“¡Cristo ha resucitado! ¡Verdaderamente ha resucitado!”

Desiring Heaven is an acquired taste

In Rome, amid the district of four-star hotels, expensive restaurants and luxurious residences on Via Veneto, there resides a strange church belonging to the Capuchin Friars called Santa Maria della Concezione, popularly known as the “Bone Church.”

Palm Sunday homily: ‘What wondrous love’

Read Bishop Olmsted's homily from Palm Sunday Mass.

La determinación de un misionero: San Junípero Serra

En septiembre de 1772 AD, Fray Junípero Serra volvió a San Diego, agotado en cuerpo y espíritu. Había caminado por tres semanas, viajando desde el norte de California hasta la primera misión que había fundado. A pesar de su habitual disposición optimista, estaba agotado por la escasez de alimentos, agobiado por el dolor agudo desde la incurable herida en su pierna y sobre todo enredado en un conflicto acalorado con Pedro Fages, el virrey de la provincia de Las Californias de Nueva España.

Seize the Day’s Resolve: St. Junípero Serra

In September of AD 1772, Friar Junípero Serra returned to San Diego, exhausted in body and spirit. He had just walked for three weeks, travelling all the way from northern California to the first mission he had founded. Despite his usual optimistic disposition, he was worn down by the scarcity of food, hampered by the sharp pain shooting from the incurable wound in his leg, and above all ensnarled in a heated dispute with Pedro Fages, the lieutenant governor of the Las Californias province of New Spain.

The blessing of a fruitful life; Part four: Dealing with infertility

The 25th of this month of July will mark the 44th anniversary of one of the most prophetic documents in the history of the...

Thoroughly Dominican but not a Religious: St. Catherine of Siena

Fourth in a series She was a Dominican but not a religious. She held no leadership position in the Church or society but was one...