A Day in the Life of Fr. John Muir


Fr. John Muir, assistant director both of the Office of Worship for the Phoenix Diocese and of the All Saints Catholic Newman Center in Tempe, shares what one day as a priest was like for him. In this 15-minute video, produced and directed by Derek Natzke, Fr. Muir speak of the challenges young men face in discerning the call to the priesthood, and the many joys that await those who answer the call.


  1. Thank you, Fr. John. We are praying for you, and offering Holy hours for you and for priestly and religious vocations. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  2. God bless you Father John! This is an amazing video diary. My husband and I are Third Order Carmelites. We’re inspired to make a similar one about our vocation of marriage. In the meantime, I’m a Religious Education teacher and I’m going to make sure that several young boys in our parish who might have a vocation to Holy Orders see your inspiring video. Thanks for sharing this “Day in the Life” with us. Most of all, thanks for saying YES to the desires of your Shepard’s heart.

  3. Hello Fr. John. Very creative. I first encountered you on the LifeTeen video program “OneEight” and am glad I found this video. We will be showing this to our Confirmation candidates! You sure are a good model of the priesthood today. Fraternally in Christ, Fr. Richard Kowalchuk, Corpus Christi Parish, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  4. Thank you for the amazing video. You surely know how to interact with the youth today. I pray daily for the priesthood that they remain good, holy priests. I’ve been blessed in my youth to know and work with amazing priests who inspired me in my faith. I pray for you and the youth that they will be inspired in their faith through your good works.

    God Bless,
    Candia Fletcher
    Lay Associate of the Companions of the Cross


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