The Holy Father has said that the New Evangelization “begins in the confessional.” It is in that setting that much of the story unfolds in a new novel by local Catholic author Sherry Boas.

Sherry Boas will be signing books at St. Anne Parish in Gilbert July 21-22. Proceeds will benefit the new confessionals at St. Anne.

The mercy of God, especially as it is manifest in the Sacrament of Confession, is the theme of Boas’ fourth novel, “Wing Tip,” released this month by Catholic Word.

Upon his mother’s death, Dante De Luz, a young parish priest, learns a family secret that launches a highly personal struggle to save a lost soul. Wrapped within the main plot line is a thought-provoking love story that reveals the power of authentic and pure romantic love to see beyond geographical borders, social classes and materialism.

“After reading the Lily Trilogy, I could hardly wait to read Sherry Boas’ next novel,” said Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. “I was not disappointed. ‘Wing Tip’ is a worthy successor, with a far different touch of drama but a similar portrayal of God’s grace in unlikely characters.”

Boas’ unique tale of relentless love offers a profound look at the mercy of God, poured out through the Sacraments as well as the providential events in the lives the characters, who like real people, don’t always recognize the workings of God.

“Through the life of one man, ‘Wing Tip’ journeys with the reader into the adventure of God’s relentless pursuit of His lost sheep,” said Fr. Paul Sullivan, director of vocations for the Diocese of Phoenix. “So relatable, so enjoyable, ‘Wing Tip’ will leave the reader to consider the enduring joys that come from living God’s will in the situation that we find ourselves in and the legacy that we will leave when at last we are called home.”

Fr. Kyle Schnippel, vocations director at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, called “Wing Tip” a “great summer read with a truly Catholic worldview.”

“We walk forward into the sometime darkness of our world, and what appears to be a chance encounter leads to a chance of a life time,” Fr. Schnippel said. “Ms. Boas invites us into the inner life of Fr. Dante as he struggles with his own weaknesses, yet relies on the steel that is underneath as he takes on the greatest challenge he will face as a priest.”

Media critic Leticia Velasquez says the novel allows the reader “a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the heart of a fervent priest.”

“‘Wing Tip’ is the compelling story of how one man refuses to allow a stunning revelation about his very identity to destroy his life, but amid much struggle, transforms the dark revelation into a restoration of a lost soul,” said Velasquez, of Catholic Media Review.

Since the Sacrament of Confession plays a key role in the lives of the characters, Boas hopes her new book will serve the New Evangelization by allowing readers to identify with the characters whose flaws propel them away from authentic love, but whose humanity is never forgotten by a loving God, who gently yet insistently calls them back.

In an address to priests this spring, Pope Benedict XVI said the confessional marks the place for “the mysterious encounter between man’s endless plea … and the mercy of God.” The conversions that take place in the confessional have a ripple effect as the faithful reform their lives and become better witnesses to the world.

“Thus each Confession, from which each Christian will emerge renewed, will represent a step forward for new evangelization,” Pope Benedict said.

“Wing Tip” is available in paperback and on Kindle. For more information on Sherry Boas’ work, visit or