Fr. Kline's "Tot Tank."
Fr. Kline’s “Tot Tank.”

You might have seen him on the road. Fr. Don Kline, pastor of St. Joan of Arc Parish, recently had his car wrapped in a colorful display of baby pictures.

The vehicle, dubbed the “Tot Tank,” also advertises, a website he and his brother created.

Visitors to the site are greeted by the photo of a baby girl with a surprised expression who asks, “Got pregnant? Now what?”

Clicking on the tool bar takes visitors to even more photos of babies who point to pro-life pregnancy resource centers around the Diocese of Phoenix, such as Life Choices Women’s Clinics and 1st Way Pregnancy Center. An adoption tab leads to Maggie’s Place, a network of homes for women who are pregnant and without a place to live.

A simple link at the bottom of GotBaby says, “I need help now” which offers a direct email to Fr. Kline.

So why did he have his car wrapped? Fr. Kline said he wanted to bring others a positive message as he drives around town, particularly to those considering abortion and those who have been wounded by it.

“The images of babies smiling speak to the preciousness and innocence of life — the Gospel of Life is so evident in the face of a child,” Fr. Kline said. “Our Lord said, ‘Let the children come to me’ and ‘we must become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’  The message is clear — life is sacred.”

Fr. Kline said he’s seen others take pictures of the Tot Tank. So far the reactions he’s been getting have been nothing but positive.

Karen Williams, Fr. Kline’s assistant, said she thinks the car is like a mobile Gospel.

“Christ came as a baby and endeared Himself to us,” Williams said. “He enters our heart in such a beautiful way through His infancy.” Seeing the images of the babies sends a comforting, strong, pro-life message, she said.

Christine Accurso, director of 1st Way Pregnancy Center, pointed to Fr. Kline’s efforts as an excellent means of getting the pro-life message out.

“What I love about it is that it raises the volume of the pro-life movement,” Accurso said. “We need to take things that are pro-life and not just stagnate but really be more innovative and creative in how we get our message out of really supporting women and their pregnancies.”