Men who devote themselves entirely to serving the Church as priests don’t fall from the sky — they come from families.

Michelle and Scott Grimditch were overjoyed at the new reality of having a priest in the family. Michelle brushed back tears of joy describing the moment of her son’s ordination.

“I’m not really worthy to be a mother of a priest. I am really grateful for this blessing today. It’s wonderful and I’m so happy for him,” Michelle said.

Scott was still in awe of the proceedings moments after the Mass of ordination.

“It hasn’t sunk in quite yet. I’m just happy that he made eight years. He worked really hard at it and it’s a great blessing. He will be a very strict priest, a very good priest and very compassionate,” Scott said.

Michelle said her son is a good listener and that he listened well in the adoration chapel. She hopes that more young people will spend time in eucharistic adoration so as to be able to discern their vocation.

Peggy and Myron Kumke, parents of Fr. Keith Kenney, were similarly excited about their son’s priestly ordination.

“There were a lot of emotions. I feel very blessed and I got teary eyed. That’s when I said, ‘I can’t believe God chose my son to be a priest!’ He’s really a priest now. I have a priest!”

“We’re very proud of him,” Myron said. “He’s been a blessing to us for a long time and I think he will be a great priest. He’s very giving, very knowledgeable, and I think he will be a blessing to everyone.”

Carla and Don Sperry, parents of Fr. Scott Sperry, marveled at their son’s priestly ordination.

“He made it! He lived! It’s so exciting,” Carla said, recalling her son’s earlier struggle with leukemia during his seminary years.

“I would say the journey is just beginning,” Don said. “He’s a very good speaker, a very spiritual young man.”

“I think because of having been sick, he’s going to have a lot of empathy for people that are struggling with any kind of sickness,” Carla said. He’s very understanding and compassionate.”

The two say they saw their son’s vocation from a young age.

“When he was born he looked like a little football — he had no neck. And I thought, well, maybe he’ll be a football player,” Carla said. “And then a little voice said, ‘No, he will not.’ And I just looked at him and I said, ‘Wow, God’s got a plan for you!’”