Dcn. Tom Bolduc (1946-2015)
Dcn. Tom Bolduc (1946-2015)

Dcn. Tom Bolduc passed away Oct. 21 following a short illness and hospice care. He would have turned 69 Nov. 18.

Dcn. Bolduc served at St. Timothy Parish in Mesa since his ordination nearly 31 years ago. The deacon was among the early leaders involved with Phoenix’s Foundation for Senior Living.

The Massachusetts native was a product of Catholic schools including Marquette University in Milwaukee. The future deacon earned a nursing degree and paired work toward a master degree with a program for Clinical Pastoral Education at Milwaukee’s St. Luke’s Hospital in 1979.

An opportunity to become the director of nursing for the Foundation for Senior Living brought him to Phoenix. Three years later, he entered diaconate formation and resumed it in 1984 in time for ordination that year.


Dcn. Thomas Bolduc

Born: Nov. 18, 1946 in Worcester, Massachusetts

Ordained: Dec. 29, 1984

Service in the Diocese of Phoenix:

St. Timothy Parish in Mesa, 1984–2015

Died: Oct. 21, 2015


“From the time he graduated from high school … to his final days on earth, Dcn. Tom led a life of humble service to the care of the sick. He had a true gift of empathy and compassion for the sick,” said Dcn. Dick Petersen, also from St. Timothy.

He described the late deacon as “quiet but firm,” “humble but focused” and among the world’s best kept secrets. Case in point: few reportedly knew of Dcn. Bolduc’s 25 years as a nurse with the U.S. Army National Guard where he earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Dcn. Bolduc made time outside of liturgical duties to visit the sick in various groups homes near St. Timothy. Dcn. Petersen said he’ll miss his colleague’s gentle spirit and holy demeanor at Mass.