Name: Arthur Walker, Jr.

School: St. John Paul II Catholic High School

Role: Dean of Students and Athletic Director

How did you get involved in Catholic education?

I got involved in Catholic education 14 years ago when I was hired as an English teacher and coach at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Kernersville, North Carolina. I have been blessed to teach at Catholic high schools in Indiana and California as well.

As a parent and educator, what will be the impact of the new school?

As a parent, the new school’s impact on us is simple. (My daughter) Faith, Class of 2022, will have the opportunity to attend Catholic school without driving to downtown Phoenix. For me, it will allow me to assist the diocese in bringing more children and families into Catholic schools, without having to drive to downtown, Scottsdale or Chandler.

How does this school and this campaign speak to discipleship and evangelization?

As a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, I know our community is hungry and excited about having a Catholic high school in the far West Valley. With the far West Valley being the fastest growing section of the state, we will be able to evangelize a whole new group of parents and students that would not be able to attend Catholic schools due to the commute. Once the students are here, we can spread the Word to them and prepare them for life as a disciple of Christ.