In an October 24th letter to members of the Black Catholic Community and St. Josephine Bakhita Parish Mission in Phoenix, Fr. Andrew McNair announced the establishment of an Emergency Food Pantry to assist members of the community in need.

Fr. McNair wrote:

The holidays are fast approaching and many of our brothers and sisters in our community will need a helping hand. For this reason, we will begin an emergency food pantry to serve the community once a week. How can you help?


First, everyone is invited to bring a non perishable item to our Gospel Sunday Mass as an offering to God for those in need. There will be baskets in the back of the Church for this purpose. Please place your food donations in the baskets. These food donations will be placed before the altar of the Lord during the offertory as an expression of our love for those in need.


Second, we will need volunteers to prepare food bags for our brothers and sisters in need. If you would like to volunteer once a week for this work of love, please contact us at the parish office. Kindly email us at or call us at 602-250-8770


And third, please pray for those experiencing difficulties during the holiday season. Many people unfortunately experience loneliness and depression during the holiday season. They need to know that they are not alone. We stand with them in prayer and service.


St. Josephine Bakhita Emergency Food Pantry is a modest effort to serve and to love those in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Like St. Josephine Bakhita, may they know we are Christians by our love.