Young Catholics gathered at St. Bernadette on Friday, Nov. 17, to launch the parish young adult program. The night began with a candlelight Mass and concluded with refreshments in the parish hall. Fr. Don Kline, pastor and Ashley Kaschl, young adult coordinator, shared the vision for St. Bernadette’s young adult ministry. The plan is to focus on contemplation and prayer while including sacraments as an important part of the gatherings.

Candle light illuminates artwork at St. Bernadette Catholic Church

The candlelight sacred liturgy touched many hearts that night. One of which was Nurya Ibarra, a recent graduate of Arizona State University. “It’s a specific form of beauty unique to the Catholic faith, the Catholic tradition, the Catholic imagination. It is immersive.”

To draw attention to the sacrifice on the altar, Kaschl suggested the idea for a candlelight Mass. “It reveals a part of the mystery of the liturgy that is not always present during the day or with bright lights overhead. We see too much of each other and not enough of the Eucharist” she said.

On Friday, Dec. 1, St. Bernadette will host another candlelight Mass at 7:30pm. All young adults are invited to take part in the First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart.