Mental Health Minute Episode 10: How do I find a therapist or a counselor?

So you want to find a therapist or a counselor but you don’t know where to start. Join us as we sit down with Michael Villanueva, Coordinator of the John Paul II Center for Theology of the Body as he offers some tips to better navigate your journey in seeking the right guidance and finding a therapist or counselor that fits your needs.

As a Church, we recognize that mental health is a critical component of our overall health and wellbeing. The Office of Mental Health Ministry seeks to accompany those with mental health needs in our parish and school communities in a Catholic, sustainable, ethical, and meaningful way.

The focus of this ministry is education, accompaniment, and advocacy. The Office of Mental Health Ministry is not a clinical resource and is not intended to serve as a substitute for treatment or counseling with a qualified professional. We do not diagnose or treat mental illness, but rather serve as an avenue to provide literacy in mental health to promote the reduction of mental illness stigma, encourage conversations around mental illness, and create a safe environment for individuals to share and seek help surrounding their mental illness (Catholic Mental Health Ministry Guidelines, 2019).

Our mission is to help create pastoral environments where people living with mental illness can meet, share their experiences and their Catholic faith with others, and to grow spiritually in their relationship with God. Remember, you are not alone. Get more information about the Office of Mental Health Ministry here: