Humanitarian Crisis: Church reaches out to children fleeing violence in Latin America

Some 60,000 children have crossed the U.S. border without their parents. How can their parents bear to send them away? What's the Catholic response?

Priest sees Ferguson as ground zero where change can be made in society

The destruction throughout Ferguson left Blessed Teresa of Calcutta parishioner and former mayor Brian Fletcher speechless.

One year later, movement ignited by ‘Into the Breach’ going strong

Last year, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted called men of the diocese to action with his apostolic exhortation, “Into the Breach.” Since then, this movement has spread throughout the diocese and beyond.

‘Little Boy’: Changing the culture, one film at a time

If there’s one thing Americans can agree on in this era of social discord, it’s that we love film. We spent a staggering $10 billion on movie tickets in 2009.

Young women embrace early stages of religious life

Pope Francis offered words of comfort to young adults spending Christmas break or semester break discerning their future.

In conversations with parishioners, pope reveals he once was a bouncer

In addition to having worked sweeping floors and running tests in a chemical laboratory as a teenager, Pope Francis revealed he also used to work as a bouncer.

Pilgrim pope: Benedict says he’s journeying toward God

"I am on a pilgrimage toward Home," retired Pope Benedict XVI wrote, capitalizing the Italian word "casa" or "home."

College students embark on summer mission trips to mingle with world’s poor

Service mission trips “open college students’ eyes to what’s really going on in the world and where we need to be taking action and how much we need to be taking action.”

Pope: Christianity means giving witness to Christ every day

Christianity is not a school of ideas or a collection of beautiful temples and lovely art; it is a living people who follow Jesus and give witness to him every day, Pope Francis said.

At closing Mass, people encouraged to pray, act for religious freedom

The theme for the 2016 Fortnight for Freedom, "Witnesses to Freedom," unfolded as faithful Catholics in Phoenix, the nation's Capitol and beyond spent part of their July 4 holiday in prayer.