Pope Francis arrives in U.S. to begin three-city visit

JOINT BASE ANDEWS, Md. (CNS) — Pope Francis arrived in the United States the late afternoon of Sept. 22 to begin his first apostolic journey as pontiff.

Lent: Silent prayer in a noisy digital world

We know there is something more than this material world in which we bumble around every day. Lent affords us 40 days to re-focus on that.

Pope in Mozambique talks peace, politics and young people’s dreams

MAPUTO, Mozambique (CNS) — With a courtesy and solemnity seldom seen at a gathering of opposing political leaders, Mozambican politicians came together a month before their general election to welcome Pope Francis and pledge to work for peace and the common good.

Louisiana bishop celebrates special Way of Cross to ‘heal this wound’ of abuse

Each of the 14 stations included a special prayer intention for sexual abuse victims. "Two together are strong but one alone will despair," the bishop said.

NAU Newman Center promotes discipleship, evangelization on campus

This summer, rising sophomore Noah Olono is participating in Crossroads, a pro-life walk across the country.

Pope at audience: Make sure your children are confirmed

Many Catholic parents go to great lengths to ensure their children are baptized, and they must make similar efforts to see that their children are confirmed, Pope Francis said.

Mexican shelters tell of harassment since U.S.-Mexico deal on migrants

MEXICO CITY (CNS) — Soldiers appeared recently at the diocesan migrant shelter in the northern Mexican city of Saltillo and demanded to see the identifications of its guests.

Pope: No more excuses; time for ‘all-out battle’ against crime of abuse

The time has come for an “all-out battle” against the abuse of minors, erasing this abominable crime from the face of the earth, Pope Francis said, closing a global four-day summit on child protection in the Catholic Church.

After public procession, bishop consecrates Jackson Diocese to Mary

"A mother's love is what I needed," one participant said, "Mary took me by the hand and gently drew me to the bosom of Jesus when I was so far from Him that I couldn't imagine ever being reconciled." The consecration redoubled efforts at reconciliation and discipleship.

Experts weigh in on the accuracy of Paul VI’s predictions

Fifty years later, what consequences of the widespread use of artificial birth control does the U.S. and world see? How close are they to what Pope Paul VI predicted?