Choice Wine conference invites couples to ‘superabundant marriage’ [VIDEO]

For the first time in U.S. history, married couples are a minority household structure, says Steve Bollman, founder of Paridisus Dei. Because of this breakdown in the family, individuals are growing up without a healthy view of marriage.

El regalo del Padre a la humanidad; el regalo de la humanidad al Padre

Al visitar a mi madre y estando de frente ante el nacimiento navideño que hemos puesto en su casa, me puse a meditar en las figurillas puestas ahí.

Catholics pray Stations of the Cross across ASU campus

The Way of the Cross was hard. That didn’t stop Catholics of all ages from yearning to experience a piece of Jesus’ suffering on Good Friday.

Secrecy of confession must never be violated, Vatican says

"The priest, in fact, comes to know of the sins of the penitent 'non ut homo sed ut Deus' — not as a man, but as God — to the point that he simply 'does not know' what was said in the confessional because he did not listen as a man, but precisely in the name of God," the Vatican document said.

Irish archbishop: St. Patrick was an ‘undocumented migrant’

St. Patrick's modern-day successor as archbishop of Armagh used his message for the March 17 feast to recall that St. Patrick was first brought to Ireland as a slave by traffickers.

St. John Paul II High School set to bring a new opportunity for Catholic...

Veronica Esparza, whose son attended public school because the family could not fit a drive to central Phoenix into their schedule, will now be able to send her daughter, Thalia, 14, to the new St. John Paul II Catholic High School for her freshman year after attending elementary school at their home parish of St. John Vianney in Goodyear.

Experts: Cardinal Sarah’s Mass comments encourage what canon law permits

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Recent comments by a high-ranking Vatican official have sparked questions about the direction priests should face while celebrating Mass.

Chapel ministers to souls who visit, live amid Grand Canyon splendor

By Ana Rodriguez-Soto Catholic News Service El Cristo Rey Chapel 44 Albright Ave., Grand Canyon Summer Mass Schedule Saturday Vigil: 4:30 P.M. Sunday: 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Winter Mass Schedule Sunday: 9...

Award Winning Christian musician visits St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

Matthew West receives thousands of stories and writes songs based on the rainbow of emotions in them. He returned one Phoenix letter in person.

Bishop blesses growing school that bears two names — for now

COTTONWOOD — With arms raised and singing “He is Exalted,” the 197 students of the newly named St. Joseph/Immaculate Conception School filed into their new building and formed a square around the perimeter of the open center courtyard during the a blessing ceremony on Sept. 18.