Cardinal Dolan: Broad criticism of NYPD unfairly tarnishes police officers

Utilizing personal stories from his interactions with the New York Police Department, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan said in a newspaper column that the city's police officers deserve better treatment and broad support on the job.

Court says tax credit program can’t exclude religious schools

WASHINGTON -- In a 5-4 ruling June 30, the Supreme Court said the exclusion of religious schools in Montana's state scholarship aid program violated...

U.S. Catholic media must inspire unity amid division, pope says

Catholic media outlets in the United States are called to break down barriers that prevent dialogue and honest communication between people and communities, Pope Francis said.

DACA ruling called ‘a beautiful moment’; concern about future remains

For Cinthia Padilla Ortiz, the Supreme Court's recent decision on the DACA program was "an unexpected and beautiful moment" and left her feeling "that sense of hope in our community."

God listens to everybody — sinner, saint, victim, killer, pope says

Everyone lives a life that is often inconsistent or a "contradiction" because people can be both a sinner and a saint, a victim and a tormentor, Pope Francis said.

Pandemic showed just how much people need each other, pope says

During the darkest, most deadly days of the COVID-19 pandemic in northern Italy, medical professionals and volunteers were "silent artisans of a culture of closeness and tenderness," a culture that cannot be allowed to disappear, Pope Francis said.

Four new priests for the Diocese of Phoenix

In a solemn liturgy resplendent in tradition, four young men from the Diocese of Phoenix were ordained to the priesthood June 6 at St. Juan Diego Catholic Church in Chandler. The four newly minted priests hail from throughout the diocese and include Fr. Nathaniel Glenn, Fr. Kevin Penkalski, Fr. Gabriel Terrill, and Fr. Estevan Wetzel.

Christians called to intercede for, not condemn, others, pope says

True believers do not condemn people for their sins or shortcomings but intercede on their behalf with God through prayer, Pope Francis said.

High court rules against Trump administration’s plan to end DACA

WASHINGTON -- In one of the most anticipated cases of the term, the Supreme Court June 18 ruled against efforts by the...

Pentecost: Know forgiveness, know peace; no forgiveness, no peace

“Peace be with you,” Jesus says in the Gospel reading for Pentecost Sunday (Jn 20:19). Peace — as in harmony, or even as in a lack of noise — is not exactly plentiful these days. Certainly not in an election year, when cacophony seems to be the (dis)order of the day.